Weather data tells the story of 2019

2019 ended with the sort of gusty, dusty day you'd expect such a year to blow out on.

Forbes airport recorded just 236mm of rain for the year, on par with 1982.

There were only two days where the airport recorded more than an inch of rain in 24 hours and both of those were back in February.

There was 25.4mm in the gauge on February 6 and another 25.6mm on February 9.

Only 1944 (222.6mm) and 2006 (158.8mm) have been drier according to Bureau of Meteorology records from Camp Street and Forbes airport.

December wrapped up with some of the hottest temperatures for that month for years: the mercury soared to 43.9 degrees on Friday December 20 and a blistering 46.3 on Saturday, December 21.

Residents woke to 2020 with a blanket of smoke from devastating fires in other parts of the State.

With the wind in the south, temperatures weren't as extreme with a top of 38 degrees on Wednesday but they're heading up again.

A top of 44 degrees is forecast Friday and 43 degrees Saturday.

Sunday is expected to hit 40 degrees but a change - with a chance of storms - will see a more temperate 32 degrees Monday.