Finn, Dean top shoot

Craig Hopkins, Matt Dent.
Craig Hopkins, Matt Dent.

All Wednesday shoots from January 15 to April 1 will start at 10am due to hot weather.

Results of the Forbes S.S.A.A. sporting shooters .22 calibre rimfire rifle shoot on Wednesday, January 15. The weather was warm with a light breeze to 2kph. Range officers: Bruce Runchel, John Dean. Scorer: John Dean.

25metre .22 target shoot: Dennis Finn 249/250; Paul Baker 248/250; John Dean 247/250; Lyall Strudwick 247/250; Tony Bratton 233/250; Mathew Frazer 208/250; Max Vincent shot practice only.

50metre .22 target: John Dean 243/250; Lyall Strudwick 235/250; Dennis Finn 233/250; Paul Baker 230/250; Tony Bratton 196/250; Mathew Frazer 140/250; Max Vincent shot practice only.

75metre Mosquito target: John Dean 113/120; Paul Baker 113/120; Dennis Finn 107/120; Lyall Strudwick 106/120; Max Vincent 99/120; Tony Bratton 94/120; Mathew Frazer 52/120.

100 metre Fly target: John Dean 101/120; Lyall Strudwick 93/120; Paul Baker 92/120; Bruce Runchel 89/120; Tony Bratton 76/120; Mathew Frazer shot practice only.

Results of the .22 calibre rimfire rifle shoot on Sunday, January 19. The weather was warm with wind gusts from the north at 15kph. Range officers: David Coleman, Norm Brook. Scorer: John Dean.

25metre Buffalo target shoot: John Dean 270/270; Paul Baker 270/270; Dennis Christey 269/270; Phil Picker 266/270; Wayne Parsons 264/270; David Coleman 257/270; Norm Brook 254/270; Pam Parsons 253/270; Mikie Hamilton 251/270; Bruce Sayers 248/270; Doug Shead 243/270; Brian Neilsen 240/270; Tony Bratton 225/270.

50metre Crow target shoot: John Dean 246/250; Dennis Christey 245/250; Paul Baker 243/250; Phil Picker 236/250; Wayne Parsons 236/250; Mikie Hamilton 241/250; David Coleman 223/250; David Tanks 223/250; Norm Brook 221/250; Pam Parsons 216/250; Bruce Sayers 202/250; Brian Neilsen 193/250; Tony Bratton 173/250; Doug Shead 171/250; Kerran Tripney 129/250; Mick Justice shot practice only.

75metre Mosquito target shoot: John Dean 106/120; Norm Brook 105/120; Paul Baker 105/120; David Coleman 102/120; Mick Justice 93/120; Tony Bratton 85/120; Phil Picker 84/120; Brian Neilsen 83/120; Doug Shead 78/120; Kerran Tripney 44/120.

100metre Feral Cat target shoot: John Dean 101/110; David Coleman 99/110; Paul Baker 94/110; Norm Brook 89/110; Tony Bratton 89/110; Mick Justice 84/120; Doug Shead 71/110.

The next .22 calibre and other rimfire rifle (.22 magnum or .17HMR) shoot is on Wednesday, January 19 at 10am. The next Sunday shoot is on February 2 at 10am.

For information on .22 calibre rimfire shooting call Wayne Facey on 0414524059 or Norm Brook on 0458664541.

The next shoot for the sporting clay's is a 75 target non graded handicap five stand shoot on Sunday, February 9 at 1pm.

For information on clay target shooting call Norm Brook or Tony Bratton on 68523349.

Anyone wishing to obtain a long arm firearm licence can contact Wayne Facey, Norm Brook or Tony Bratton to do a firearm safe shooting assessment course.