Forbes sporting news | Many happy celebrations on the croquet grounds this week

Happy Birthday: Evelyn Mahlo again celebrates her big birthday at the Croquet luncheon.

Happy Birthday: Evelyn Mahlo again celebrates her big birthday at the Croquet luncheon.


Golf Croquet February 4

There was a good turnout for Tuesdays Golf Croquet with thirty five players hitting the greens. After the matches we had our birthday lunch for both January and February at the Commercial Hotel.

The birthdays were for Cherylin Cole, Bob Murray, Liz McLean, Colleen Liebich, Sandy Hepburn. February birthdays were for Jill Rubie, Denny Smith, Mary Hodges and Lily Allegri and Evelyn Mahlo who celebrated a milestone birthday.

The winners of three games were: John Browne, Veva MacCullagh, Denny Smith and Alex Todd.

Some of the closest scores on the day were:

  • John Cole, Veva MacCullagh 7, defeated Merv Langfield, John MacCullagh 6
  • Robin Pols, Jeff Liebich 7, defeated Bob Murray, Lorraine Todd 6
  • Colleen Liebich, Dorelle Scott 7, defeated Evelyn Mahlo, Ruth Cheney 6
  • Lorraine Todd, Sandy Hepburn 7, defeated John MacCullagh, John Allegri 6
  • Barry White, Mary Hodges 7, defeated Geoff Coles, Kevin Rubie 6
  • Alex Todd, Bill Scott 7, defeated Lorraine Todd, Colleen Liebich 6
  • Kevin Rubie, Denny Smith 7, defeated Barry white, Geoff Coles 6
  • Mal Smith, Phil Moran 7, defeated Tony Thomson, Lily Allegri 6

Results for Aussie Croquet February 8

Saturday presented us with a light breeze, cool temperatures and black skies followed by a light sprinkling of rain.

Raincoats were the order of the day in anticipation of the expected downpour, which didn't eventuate.

The winners of three matches of the day were:

Merv Langfield, John MacCullagh and Lorraine Todd. The closest games on the day were:

  • Barry White 14, defeated Sandy Hepburn 12
  • Dorelle Scott, Merv Langfield 14, defeated Cherylin and John Cole 12
  • Bob Murray, Jeff Liebich 14, defeated Anne Stewart, Ray Burridge 13
  • Joan Littlejohn, Geoff Coles 14, defeated Barry White, Jeff Liebich 12
  • Marie Spry, John Allegri 14, defeated John Browne. Bill Scott 11
  • Judy Ellis, John MacCullagh 14, defeated Anne Stewart, Bob Murray 12
  • Lorraine Todd, Harley Stewart 14, defeated Neville Spry, Jeff Liebich 12
  • Dorelle Scott, Robin Pols 14, defeated Lyn Simmonds, Judy Ellis 11
  • Bill Scott 14 defeated Ray Burridge 12

Anne Stewart

Indoor Bowls

What a very interesting day we had Wilma's first bowl takes the jack off four to the other team next end Wilma again takes the jack off again then we settle down and still win the game.

Winners for the day Wilma Gloria and Betty Rees two wins one lose 23 points. Runners up Denny, Loraine, and Joyce two wins one lose 23 points.

Chocolate went to Sue and Liz. Raffle went to Loraine, Wilma and Liz.

Everyone is welcome to come and have a try at indoor bowls all you need is your self names in by 1.15pm for 1.30pm start on Wednesday afternoon.

Wilma Hepburn

Ladies Bowls

Wednesday, February 5, the first game of major singles kicked off with Sue White playing against Lyn Simmonds, Lyn was the winner 25/20 well done Lyn.

Social Bowls was wonderful with the cooler weather, two new bowlers turned up to play, Milissa Wilson and Haley Sharp welcome to you both.

We hope you enjoy playing with our Club.

Two games of triples and one game of pairs played on the day.

Game one featured Lesley Dunstan, Robyn Mattiske and Cheryl Hodges 23/6 against Nola Girot.

Robyn Mattiske as swinger and Angela Dent.

Game two had Pam Stevens, Glenys Ryan and Gail McKay 13/11 against Loris Stewart, Haley Sharp and Anne Nixon.

Game three saw Lynn Willding and Milissa Wilson 16/15 against Colleen Liebich and Irene Riley.

Winner of the bowls for the day was Lyn Simmonds , looks like Lyn had a lucky day.

Winner of the raffle was Guilie Burton congratulations Guilie. Reminders; CWD singles played at Forbes of February 11-13.

A general meeting will be held after lunch on Wednesday, February 19, try to make it if you can.

For a social game ring your names in to the Club on 6852 1499 before 9am play starts at 9.30am.

Glenys Ryan

Lovely Ladies: Sue White and Lyn Simmonds, played in first match of major singles, Lynn winning 25/20.

Lovely Ladies: Sue White and Lyn Simmonds, played in first match of major singles, Lynn winning 25/20.

Veteran's golf

A slightly disappointing number gathered for play on the Forbes golf course where 28 veterans from Forbes and Parkes competed in the weekly 12 hole competition last Thursday.

No matter the number of players, one of the more supportive of the 'twin towns' comp in Parkes' Graeme Cooke was winner with 27 points while Forbes' Niel Duncan was declared runner-up on 24 points after a four way count-back.

Beaten on a count-back and heading the count for balls in the sweep were Alf Davies (F), Barry Shine (F) and John Pearce (P).

Further balls went to, 23 points Barry Parker (F), Jeff Haley (F), Phil Bishop (P), 22 points Geoff Drane (F), Ted Morgan (F), Steve Uphill (F), Michael Lynch (P).

Nearest the pins, 9th A grade Alf Davies (F), B grade Graeme Cooke (P), 18th A grade nil, B grade Steve Edwards (F). Mick Miller shield, Forbes 140 points, Parkes 138 points.

Thursday's 12 hole comp will be in Parkes with noms from 9.30am for a 10am shot gun start.

A always happy and colourful in nature Terry Shannon won the 12 hole Tuesday comp last week with a well compiled 31 points after cards were checked by the days organiser Brian Clarke

Despite winning last week Barry Parkes on his regular handicap was next best with 29 points, the same as regular weekend partner Dennis Culley.

Mr Clarke was more then happy with 22 players in attendance including 'baker of the decade' Bruce Chandler who is verging on retirement and sure to be an additions of the Forbes veteran golfers ranks.

As well as backing a winner or two at the TAB.

Tuesday golfers gather at 9am for a 9.30am shot gun start, everyone is welcome to play and enjoy a walk before lunch.

Golfers are reminded to repair fairway divots and pitch marks on the greens. For all information on golf in Forbes phone the Pro Shop on 6851 1554.