Markets boom on back of rain

Enjoying the rain on a Jemalong property.

Enjoying the rain on a Jemalong property.

Both sheep and cattle sales saw a rise in prices - and a drop in numbers - at Forbes Central West Livestock Exchange this week.

Luke Whitty provided the report for the saleyards' Facebook page on Monday afternoon and said the drop in numbers followed falls of 40 to 50mm rain in the local area over the weekend.

Monday's cattle sale saw increases in prices of up to 30 and 40 cents a kilo, he added.

"Our best restocking steers made up to 397c a kilo and our best restocking heifers 345 cents a kilo," Whitty said.

"In the feeder market, steers made up to 387 cents and heifers also topped out 340 cents a kilo."

In the prime grades of cattle the heavier steers topped 350 cents a kilo while the better prime grades of heifers made up to 345 cents.

Whitty said there was particularly good competition in the export market for cows.

That market topped out 306.6 cents a kilo for fat cows and the heavy end of the bulls made 302.2.

Forbes Livestock and Agency congratulated Wallace and Sons of Canowindra on producing the top-price cows which weighed 514kg.

"A very good sale here today at Forbes and we hope to see more to come," Whitty said.

Meat and Livestock Australia's report on Tuesday's sheep and lamb sale tells a similarly positive story on the price front, with the yarding down to 19090.

That was made up of 16090 lambs and 3000 sheep.

The usual buyers were present and competing along with restockers in a significantly dearer market that improved as the sale progressed.

Store lambs to restockers attracted strong competition and sold from $100 to $199/head.

Trade weights were $12 to $15/head dearer and more in places. Prices ranged from $171 to $228/head. Heavy and extra heavy weight lambs also ignited bidding and lifted $20/head.

Heavy lambs to 26kgs sold from $200 to $256 with extra heavy weights selling from $242 to $305/head. Carcase prices averaged from 883c to 968c/kg cwt with a number of pens exceeding $10/kg.

Mutton numbers were made up of mostly Merinos and quality was mixed. Prices lifted with Merino ewes selling from $124 to $245/head.

Crossbred ewes ranged in price from $120 to $254 with Dorper ewes selling from $138 to $240/head.

Forbes hosted a pig sale last Friday, with Sam Matchett reporting for Ray White VC Reid on social media. There were 297 pigs yarded, with prices easing.

Heavy sows made $1.60 to $1.70 a kilogram, and medium sows from $1.20. Bacon ranged from $256 to $284 and pork $226 to $309. Heavy suckers fetched $168 to $215.