End of era for Roylances

This Friday will see the end of an era in Forbes, when the Roylance family close the doors on their automotive business after 65 years.

Roylance Auto Zone directors, father and son Chris and Justin Roylance, have announced that Repco will take over as of Monday, March 2.

The Roylance business was established October 15, 1955 by Jim and Nea Roylance at 153 Rankin Street.

Jim began stocking auto and tractor spare parts and added the lines of television, radio, washing machines, refrigerators and general electrical supplies.

Business grew, and he relocated to more spacious premises in Lachlan Street and then at 66 Rankin Street.

Jim's motto was, 'by service we grow', as it was only by faithfully and rapidly serving the needs of customers that he hoped to succeed.

Over the decades, that motto continued to serve the family business well.

When the business celebrated 45 years in 2000, Jim Roylance reflected on the changes he had seen since 1955.

"The transport was a pushbike, which I used the make deliveries to and from the railway station," he told the Advocate.

"Nowadays stock arrives by overnight road transport and I am not riding my pushbike any more."

Roylance's first client was service station Coleman and MacNamara.

"Jim sat down and carefully wrote out the docket, decided it wasn't neat enough, ripped it out and started again," Nea Roylance recalled.

"After that, all dockets were written in a hurry."

Sons Chris and Michael took on the Forbes business, overseeing the business's continued growth and its relocation to the OGS Centre on the Newell Highway where the store now stands.

While the ownership of the business changes on Monday, the current team of Shaune Shepherd, Cody Banks, Terry Churchill, Dale Thornton and Jake Banks, are remaining with the business.

The family is pleased to advise that Shaune Shepherd will continue to manage the store post completion.

"Our family business has progressed with changes in the last 65 years," Chris and Justin said in a letter to customers.

"This change is a major development for us and a decision that hasn't been taken lightly.

"We thank every one of you.

"Thank you for your business, your trust and your confidence.

"The same friendly faces will greet you at the front of the store and continue to provide you with the fantastic service you are used to."

The Roylance family looks forward to pursuing their interest in the mining, construction and agriculture sectors with Roylance Tractor Replacements in Sam Street.

Roylance's Auto Zone will close at midday on Friday.

We thank every one of you. Thank you for your business, your trust and your confidence.

Chris and Justin Roylance