News from the bowling greens

The coronavirus is hitting hard world wide and that naturally includes the Forbes 'Bowlie' with clubs included in the government's closure of locations where there are mass gatherings.

With these notes written early it is best for all to keep watch and listening as announcements regarding coronavirus are sure to change as the days roll on.

In brief, what the shut-down means for the 'Bowlie'' is the cancellation for major events like the $780 triples days set down for Saturday April 25, the Irish Day on Wednesday April 1, Mothers day on Wednesday April 6 along with club and district events including one of the major bowls tournaments for the club, the Easter Carnival.

Lets hope for a cure sooner then later so we all can get on with life as we used to know it.

Back to some bowls play.

Last week the Wednesday the men's competition was very well supported with 24 playing in pairs where the card draw winners were Ralph Waugh and Mike Valentine winning a cliff hanger against Barry Whiter and Warren Kemp 25-22 over 22 ends.

It seemed Ralph and Mike were in for hiding early behind 8-17 after 11 before scoring a couple of fives in dominating the run to the judge.

The remaining games were nowhere near as close with John Baass and Rob Priest always in front in a low scoring game.

They won 16-10 over 20 ends against John Ashcroft (who was un-usually quiet, must have had an off day) and Cliff Nelson.

Ron Thurlow and Grant Lambert doubled the score of Wayne Denyer and Peter Mackay winning 20-10 over 18 ends.

They did however have to finish best only leading 8-7 at 'oranges'.

A fierce battle was expected on rink three, and it was early, before Denny Byrnes and Trevor Currey ran over 20-13 winners over Barry Wright and John Gorton in a game lasting 19 ends.

After 10 it was 10-7 to the victors.

The experienced paring of Fred Vogelsang and Sid Morris cruised home 24-7 over Bill Looney and Peter White over 20 ends.

Never in doubt they led 17-2 after 10 keeping their opponents to scoring on four ends only.

The final game had a bit of everything, good and bad bowls but more importantly the advantages of being the scorer, none other then John 'Slippery' Ward in his first outing with the card and biro.

In a game last 20 ends the final score card read, Geoff Coles and 'Slippery' 25, Paul Doust and Barry Shine 15.

John Gorton, Peter Walker, Bill OConnell, Jim Maloy enjoying a recent game of Wednesday bowls. Photo courtesy Rob Priest.

John Gorton, Peter Walker, Bill OConnell, Jim Maloy enjoying a recent game of Wednesday bowls. Photo courtesy Rob Priest.

Jumping out of the blocks Geoff and 'Slippery' led 9-2 after five, then 12-10 after 10 but only went on to win only three more in the last 10 whereas Paul and Barry cruised home scoring 15.

A comment late from 'Slippery', "Geoff, I think we will go for the losers trophy now, what do you think?"

In the end it's what's on the score card that counts.

In-house raffle winners, Barry White (again) and John Ashcroft which brought a smile to his face.

A strong member of the club, David Coleman, was a worthy winner of the Wednesday evening members jackpot draw which stood at $1500 last week.

He had to wait a couple of draws before collecting as his was about the third drawn after earlier ones were not in attendance.

He was lucky to win last week as this week the club came under the umbrella of club and hotel closures.

However, it is believed the Chinese Restaurant is still catering for take-away meals only.