Forbes golfers enjoy return to group play

Group Golf again - Jacob Bernardi tees off with Joshua Coulthurst, Andrew Dukes and Kim Herbert.
Group Golf again - Jacob Bernardi tees off with Joshua Coulthurst, Andrew Dukes and Kim Herbert.

Once again the sunny skies above and the emerald green of the grass welcomed the golfers onto the course. Many players responded with excellent play, while others were so taken by the surroundings that they forgot how to play well.

On Saturday 16 May play resumed in groups, giving the opportunity for much banter and a 'feel' of near normal golf. The competition was an 18-Hole 4BBB Stableford, sponsored by Forbes Livestock and Agency and contested by 88 players. While there was an increase in the amount of voices heard around the course, there was also the usual sound of balls striking trees and admonishment for a bad shot.

This was a really competitive event, with a count back needed to determine the winners. Winners were the pairing of Jeff and Max Haley who combined well for their 46 points. They shared the load well with each contributing much the same, but the run home saw Max make the score while Jeff went 'missing in action'.

Runners-up, also on 46 points, were Neil and Cameron McMillan. A friendly rivalry between father and son ensured they focused on their game. Dad Neil started well, making the score on the first four holes, but then son Cameron played some wonderful golf to be first on the card.

The ball sweep went to 40 points on count back, going to: 45 - P Dawson/ J Betland, T Howe/ C Dwyer; 44 - B Everest/ P Maher, J Ridley/ T Morgan, N Ryan/ J Dobell; 43 - S Grallelis/ N Duncan; 42 - J Betland/ G Webb; 41- B Everest/ M Cahill, T Callaghan/ B Shine; 40 - J Zannes/ R Webb, M Watts/ D Churchill, R Besgrove/ R Taylor.

The NTP's went to: 9th - J Haley; 18th - A Davies. Jeff got his '2' but Alf missed out. This is the second week that Alf has managed an NTP - last week it was on the 9th. A momentous '2' was scored by Neil McMillan on the 3rd. He chipped-in from the deep grass on the left, with the ball never looking like missing.

The 3rd hole was the easiest with four 2's scored, and another two on the 9th. Merv Lowing (Orbost) is still enjoying his golf here, teaming this week with Warwick Judge.

It was a large field, in which there were a number of uneven groups requiring a few swingers. Some players were pleased with their swinger, but others were somewhat disappointed. Best pleased was Greg Webb who swung with John Betland, while Denis Culley did not fare so well with his partner.

There were some good displays of ball striking. Best on the course was John Betland who shot a 65 scratch, helping his real partner Ecky and his swinger Greg to good scores. Cam McMillan played very well after an indifferent start to shoot a 69 scratch, matching John's 33 on the front-9. Also in good form was Ecky Dawson with a 71 scratch.

There were some low performing contributions in the pairings. Greg Webb contributed on the 1st with a 3-pointer, but then did not feature at all. Bruce Chandler scored 36 of his team's points, with Ian Bown scoring a solitary 1 point to support Bruce.

Neil McMillan had both good and bad luck. His tee shot on the 10th was less than desired, topping the ball into the creek. Then his wayward tee shot on the 18th clattered into the big gum, and bounced out onto the green. Call that the rub of the green.

For the late starters the 5th tee had some weird sensory action going on. Many of the players coming down the 13th were peppered by the tee shots off the 5th. Niel Duncan was playing his second shot to the 13th from just past the Ladies tee, and watched as JB's 5th tee shot ran past him. Then Marty Cahill had a difficult second shot from beside the 13th green after his tee shot off the 5th.

Another good score was the eagle by Jonathon Cutler on the 15th, a result of three fine shots. Counter that with a player who had a 7-putt on the 18th. Being too casual with his back-handers after missing the second putt compounded the problem. You would have thought that Ray T would have known better.

During the week, Graham Newport lost his wallet at golf somewhere. He quickly cancelled his credit cards and driver's licence, and arranged for replacements. A few days later Barry Shine found a wallet in his bag, which had been in storage all week. He promptly returned the wallet to Graham, with both bemused by how it got there.

The Sunday Stableford Medley had a small but happy field. Most of whom managed to score well.

The winner was Andrew Dukes with 38 points, improving a bit on his Saturday score. Runner-up was Barb Drabsch with 33 points. The ball sweep went to Jill Cripps on 31 points. Again no NTP's were contested.

In the 9-Hole Winter Comp the winning scores were all quite low. For week 4, the voucher winners were: Members - Riley Pike (32 nett) and Non-Members - Corey Hurford (34.5).

The ball sweep went down to 34 nett on count back, going to: 33 - D McGroder, B Tooth, P Wells; 33.5 - Jenny Ridley, T Morgan; 34 - B Drabsch, D Lickess.

With the Government decision to relax the group numbers we are able to revert back to the original Programme, but there may still be changes in the next few weeks, so check in the Pro Shop. The 27-Hole Mixed Foursomes scheduled for May 31 could be re-scheduled.

All players are to still practice social distancing restrictions, and not to touch the flagstick. If the 'noodle' in the hole is protruding, gently push it down with your putter handle. Remember, a putt must stay in the hole to be counted. If it skips out, then putt again.

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And a Final reminder to clear your account at the Pro Shop. All accounts will be reset at the end of May.