Cattle numbers up at Forbes weekly sale

Numbers lifted at this weeks Central West Livestock Exchange cattle sale though quality continues to be mixed.

There were some better finished types among the 486 yarded along with the lighter plainer types.

The usual buyers were present and competing along with restockers in a mostly firm market with an increase of 87 cattle on last week's sale.

Well finished yearlings to processors sold from 355c to 385c/kg.

Steers to feedlots sold from 352c to 400c for middle weight and from 380c to 417c/kg for heavies.

Restockers were again active on the lighter lines and paid from 359c to 458c/kg.

Yearling heifers to feed received from 350c to 409c/kg. Restockers competed strongly on the store types with prices making from 350c to 418ckg.

Grown heifers held firm and sold from 290c to 330c/kg.

Cows lifted 5c to 10c with heavy 2 score selling from 285c to 300c and 3 score receiving from 307c to 316c/kg.