Platypi in training with rugby set to return

Training is back in full swing for the Forbes Platypi after the Central West Rugby Union set a date for the season to start.

The first round of the season set to start on Saturday, July 18 and the Platypi have increased the intensity of their training.

Rugby union club president Rhys Woods said the coronavirus situation has really upset the preparation for the season but everyone is in the same boat.

"Now that we can get back into rugby, we're keen to get back into it," he said.

Mr Woods said they have been training in small groups since the restrictions have eased with a focus on fitness training.

Last week, they were able to expand their training to include contact training.

First Grade Coach Phil Prior said the first part of the year has been tough with the unknown nature of restrictions surrounding covid.

With the dates for the season set, Mr Prior said everyone is keen for the season and the Platypi will be full steam ahead.

Mr Woods said they started the year, pre-covid, with very promising numbers and haven't seen all of the players return yet.

He is hopeful to see more players to return now that the competition is confirmed and the draw released.

There are currently nine main season rounds scheduled, in the Blowes Cup with the Platypi set to take on Orange Emus in round one.

The draws for the Under 18s and women's competition were still being finalised as of Friday.

Mr Prior said they are looking to be competitive this year and with the current easing of restrictions will be returning to training three times a week.

"We'll get a crack at everyone a couple of times and hopefully we can figure in the semis at the end of the year. But it's a step by step process for us," Mr Prior said.

Mr Woods said for some people the year has turned their lives upside down so rugby might not be the first thing on their mind.

But he's hopeful that rugby to be the thing that gets everything else off their mind.

"It's a bit of an escape and we're going to create a positive environment down here," Mr Woods said.