Early learning matters

Crawling is a critical sensory motor milestone and occupational therapist Sarah is encouraging crawling through the tunnel at Forbes Preschool.
Crawling is a critical sensory motor milestone and occupational therapist Sarah is encouraging crawling through the tunnel at Forbes Preschool.

It is Early Learning Matters Week next week and Forbes Preschool will be launching it with our first Facebook Live seminar for parents on Monday night.

"High quality education and care supports children to be confident, enthusiastic learners, building a foundation for wellbeing and achievement through their whole lives," Forbes Preschool Director Amy Shine said.

"Research tells us that 600 hours of quality education in the year before starting school has real learning and social benefits for all children."

We figure there is no better way to learn, than to try something new and so we are throwing ourselves in and will be hosting our first ever Facebook Live events for parents so we can talk about what our Transition to School program will look like in 2020.

Our transition to school program shows our kids are more likely to arrive at school equipped with social, cognitive and emotional skills they need to engage in learning.

The Facebook Live event will be on Monday night at 7pm - we would obviously love you to tune in live so you can participate, ask questions and give us feedback but it will also be saved to our video social media files.

Early Learning Matters was started by Service providers, peak bodies, research and advocacy groups to better inform political decision makers of the importance of quality early education and this year they are expanding that message to include families and communities.

"We have long been working towards the best outcomes for our children but we need the whole community to understand the positive implications early learning has in supporting families and building our society," Ms Shine said.

"All early learning centres in Forbes are working hard every day to develop exciting programs to help our children become strong independent learners.

"Measurable benefits are already being recorded at all our local schools and these will endure well beyond infants and primary school."

Start Strong preschool values show higher levels of educational attainment, economic participation and family wellbeing are all attributed to moderate levels of participation in early childhood education.

Since the establishment of our amazing new preschool, driven by our community, we have continued to improve our physical learning environments to match our outstanding early education and learning.

"We have always been focused on an excellent start to school and strong long term outcomes for our kids. Our focus on learning and teaching is in embedded across our preschool and ensures positive outcomes, especially for our four to five-year-olds," Ms Shine said.

Forbes Preschool has recently become an NDIS provider so we can continue our progressive and positive learning on a one-on-one basis for some learners.

We continue to offer Occupational Therapy, Speech and Synergetic Play Therapy to all our kids as an integrated part of all programs but can now help some specifically in a one-on-one environment without any stigma - easily and seamlessly.

"NDIS is about working with children in their own environments and Forbes Preschool is able to provide extended and specialised learning in a child's own safe preschool space - programmed specifically for their own very personal needs," Speech Pathologist Jess Schofield said.

Go to Facebook Forbes Preschool page, find events and record your interest in being part of our first Live event.

Facebook will send you a reminder before 7pm to join us. Get settled in a comfy, quiet spot so you can tune in for our 30 minute discussion about our 2020 school transition program.

Organise something for your children to keep them occupied for 30 minutes before you start.