Possible Group 11-Group 10 merge again a topic of discussion

Darcy Leadbitter running down the line against the Cowra Magpies in this year's Maas Western Youth League.
Darcy Leadbitter running down the line against the Cowra Magpies in this year's Maas Western Youth League.

The success of the Maas Group Western Youth League was clear to see this year but it could still be some time before we see a similar model for senior sides as well.

The topic of merging Group 11 and Group 10 competitions is being spoken about again on the back of the NSWRL's One State NSWRL Strategic Plan, released at the end of September, that combined Western premiership looks a step closer.

The NSWRL and CRL merged at the end of the 2019 season in a bid to streamline the administration of the game.

The One State NSWRL Strategic Plan is the new board's first step forward for NSW as a whole, with six clear objectives outlined for the future.

One of those is the restructure of the state into six zones which preserve historical structures but create more efficient competition possibilities.

There's no specifics surrounding changes to any Group competitions in 2021 and Group 10 chairman Linore Zamparini said the initial amalgamation between NSWRL and CRL came with an agreement that no changes to boundaries would happen for two years, meaning alterations won't happen until 2022 at the earliest.

Zamparini added he's keen to again lead Group 10 into 2021, but said it wouldn't surprise him to see some changes to the Western Rams region - the largest in NSW right now.

"I think they'll be looking to change some of the boundaries up. There might be a move in Group 10 and 11," he said.

"(The one state plan) is looking at the future and looking at a blue print for us to work to in 2022.

"The youth league looked like a success, definitely. And they may (push for it in senior grades too) but it'll come down to the clubs and what they want to do, and how many teams are needed for any of these competitions."

Zamparini said any changes will have to be carefully thought through, with Lithgow to Nyngan a four-and-a-half hour trip one way.

He cited the Rams' recent struggles in the President's Cup, the Western side nominated didn't win a game, as one of the other concerns about operating such a large region.