Climber causes estimated $8000 damage to $25,000 tree

Forbes' brand new Christmas tree has been damaged before it's even been lit.

Councillors were told the tree, placed in Albion Park last week, cost $25,000 and sustained damage to the estimated value of $8000 when someone climbed it.

Outraged councillors, at their November meeting, asked whether the vandal could be identified from CCTV footage.

They were told the footage had been reviewed but was possibly too grainy to identify anyone.

Mayor Phyllis Miller raised that the council needed to look at the quality of the camera in the area and see if it needed upgrading.

They did go on to ask about the budget for Christmas decorations - and were told there was an amount available for each year.

"We have splurged a bit this year," Director Corporate Services Stefan Murru acknowledged, highlighting the tree and reindeer that have been installed in Albion Park as well as gift boxes for Victoria Park.