Forbes Kindy students learn about bus safety

Around 140 students from schools across Forbes participated in bus safety classes being coordinated by NRMA Insurance last week.

The program focuses on making bus safety fun for kindergarten students and advises parents on bus and road safety issues. This includes classroom discussions, presentations and an educational bus ride to practice safety tips.

The program visited four primary schools across Forbes and surrounding areas from February 15-19.

Forbes NRMA Insurance proprietor Christine Hillis and Sarah Wardman said bus travel can be a daunting experience for school children.

"This program will help improve the children's general understanding of the dangers that exist when travelling in a vehicle or crossing a road and help increase their confidence to ensure their trip to and from school is always a safe one," Ms Hillis said.

"Students who have attended past programs have displayed greater awareness of road safety, making it an invaluable skill that they will have for years to come"

Through the bus safety program children learned to:

  • Always stand two steps back from the kerb when waiting for the bus;
  • Never push or shove each other or muck around at the bus stop;
  • Wait for the bus to stop completely before getting on or off;
  • Wait for the bus to move away from the kerb before you cross the road;
  • Tell the driver straight away if you miss your stop;
  • Discuss with Mum or Dad who is a 'safe adult'; and
  • Ask Mum or Dad to write your home phone number on the inside of your bag.

More information about the bus safety program is available by calling the Forbes NRMA Insurance office on 02 6552 1433.