Men's Probus returns after hiatus

On Friday, March 24 the Forbes Men's Probus Club held their AGM exactly one year after its postponement due to Covid.

There was a good attendance of 35 plus one guest for the meeting.

President Ian Thomas opened the meeting at 10.30am. Normal meeting business procedure followed.

The secretary Lloyd Gerdes read out the apologies and minutes of the previous meeting.

John Bruce then presented the financial report which was passed.

President Ian then asked the secretary to read the minutes of the last AGM held in March 2019.

This was followed by the financial report which was read by John Bruce.

Ian Thomas read his President's report for his year in office.

The meeting then broke for morning tea.

After tea was concluded, Ian Thomas invited Alister Lockhart to conduct the elections of the committee.

Alister Lockhart declared all positions vacant and called for nominations.

The main executive positions were filled as follows:-

President; Robert Bryson, Senior Vice President; Bruce Adams, Junior Vice President; Barry Wright, Secretary; Lloyd Gerdes, and Treasurer; John Bruce.

All other minor positions on committees were then filled.

Alister Lockhart then invited Robert Bryson to take the chair as the new President.

Former President Ian Thomas handed over the chain of office to Robert Bryson who then presented Ian Thomas with a Past President's badge and a certificate of appreciation.

After a vote was taken and the ballot papers counted, the Woodburn Trophy for the most proficient member for the previous year was presented to Ian Thomas.

The next Men's Probus meeting will be held at Club Forbes on April 23 and will begin at 10.30 am.

The guest speaker for the next meeting will be Gary Johnstone, who is a farmer and Real Estate Agent.