Author explores journey

After ten years of research into the life of Kate Kelly, author Rebecca Wilson was able to share her thoughts on Kate's story at the launch of her book in Forbes last Thursday.

Rebecca was joined at her book launch at the Book Dispensary by historian Rob Willis where they spoke about the history of Kate Kelly.

Rebecca answered questions and shared through her process of sorting the fact from the fiction of the life of Ned Kelly's younger sister.

Growing up in Forbes, Rebecca knew that Kate Kelly, living under the alias of Ada Foster, had met a tragic end here aged just in her 30s.

But wasn't until 2010 that a conversation at a luncheon brought that back to mind and birthed her desire to know more.

Rebecca said that delving into Kate Kelly's life was a bit of a treasure hunt and finding something related to her was always exciting.

She began delving into Kate's history when exhibiting a body of works on Australian icons that referenced the Kelly mythology.

Rebecca said that she always accompanied each artwork with detailed cards of research to help provide a story and context for the artwork.

While she was doubtful of her ability to do it, Rebecca said she began to turn her research into the biography, with her artwork complimenting the words.

'Kate Kelly, the true story of Ned Kelly's little sister' is a biography, but Rebecca tried to make it relatable to readers, adding in her own knowledge of Forbes to help give a sense of place.

Rebecca said she without local knowledge and oral history passed through historical societies, the National Library's Trove collection, museums and tourism centres, there would be gaps in Kate's biography.