Canowindra International Balloon Challenge a glowing success

The Supagas Canowindra International Balloon Challenge was capped off last Saturday with yet another successful Cabonne Community Glow.

With final ticket sales tallied at 7749, President of the Organising Committee, Andrew Pull, said the event was one of the biggest in the Canowindra Challenge era.

"Previously when they had the old Marti's Balloon Festival back in the 90s, they were quite big," he said.

"But they believe it's the biggest since it restarted."

Mr Pull said around 99 per cent of the feedback he had received had people saying the event was "absolutely wonderful".

As for the main event of the evening, the Cabonne Community Balloon Glow, he said it was one of the best he had seen in his 20 years in Canowindra.

Mr Pull said the week's competitions had also been fantastic to see.

"We had three afternoons where we had to cancel flights because the weather was too good," he said.

"The winds stopped and it was still, balloons can't fly without wind.

"But every morning at 6.30am people were downtown looking for where the balloons were flying from.

"If it was in town, hundreds of people watched them take off, and if it was out of town, hundreds of people were at the Oval or Showground to watch them hit their targets."

Mr Pull said the balloonists who had attended were overwhelmed with the reception they had received.

Cabonne Mayor, Cr Kevin Beatty, said the week's events had been incredible to see.