More historic editions of Forbes Advocate now on Trove

The front page of the Advocate on Friday, July 23, 1954 featuring Queen Elizabeth.

The front page of the Advocate on Friday, July 23, 1954 featuring Queen Elizabeth.

More historic editions of the Forbes Advocate are now online and accessible through the National Library of Australia's website Trove.

Early editions of the Advocate available online date back to 1911, and now extend right through to 1954.

To celebrate, the Advocate along with the Cowra Guardian and Lachlan Agricultural Recorder, and Cowra Free Press, currently feature on the front page of the Trove website -

It's good news for local historians and family history researchers, as well as a fascinating insight into our community's past.

We had a look at one of the latest editions added to the collection, from Friday, July 23, 1954.

On that day, the location of the rifle range was making front page news with debate between the Forbes Rifle Club and a mayoral minute presented to the council meeting.

Also making front page headlines was the council's decision to restrict charity street stalls to Court Street rather than allow them to raise funds near business houses.

The front page photograph featured Queen Elizabeth, with the announcement that the picture "The Queen in Australia" was to be screened at both local theatres, The Strand and The Studio.

The unsatisfactory condition of newly-sealed roads was brought to the council's attention, with the contractor to repair them.

In the courts, a judge ruled that both motorists involved in a collision were at fault and should pay each other's costs.

A committee of five formed with volunteers determined to start building a hall for the Girl Guides of Forbes.