Might be time to hang up the boots: Platypi veteran Andrew Hubbard

Andrew Hubbard makes his way onto the field for his 400th senior game with the Platypi.
Andrew Hubbard makes his way onto the field for his 400th senior game with the Platypi.

The 2021 rugby season might have come to an end before the Platypi could show us their finals form, but first-grade captain Andrew Hubbard can't speak highly enough of his team.

And he's seen a few.

Hubbard's been part of the Platypi senior playing squad since 1998 and this year celebrated his 400th game.

It's a remarkable testament to his fitness and dedication, and an indication of just how deep rugby runs in his veins.

But maybe, just maybe, he's said this week, it'll be time to hang up the boots.

"I can't see myself playing another first grade season," he admitted.

"I think my playing days are over ... we'll see when it comes to the Brad Ridley Shield game."

He's sure, however, that the club has a pretty solid future if it can maintain some of the players and momentum it's gained this year.

The rugby club's 2021 first grade squad has its share of familiar local faces, new arrivals or those who have returned, and representative talents.

You can only get yourself into trouble by starting to name names but Hubbard can give everyone on the side a rap and described them as "a bunch of fantastic players" particularly coming off the back of a disrupted 2020.

"Everyone who turned up was committed," he said this week.

"It's good to see the younger blokes come on too," he added. "James Moss, Brad Burrell, Angus Turner who was playing colts.

"Our player group is fantastic and if they stick around I'm very optimistic."

Hubbard told us last year that he couldn't imagine life without rugby: the training, the games, the online player groups where the banter continues well beyond the playing season.

But Hubbard's not just a player, he's a club man. He's been a member of the Forbes Rugby Club executive in the past and he'll continue to be involved in the club well into the future.

He paid tribute to president Rhys Woods and the current committee who have done an outstanding job in the past few years, not least of which has been making all the adaptations required by Covid.

"I'll be around," he said this week.