Templar Street works set to continue

Works on and around the Forbes CBD are set to continue based on a plan adapted by Forbes Shire Council.

In a post to Facebook, the Council stated the plan is expected to build economic resilience for the Shire and serve to provide a pleasant environment to shop.

With funding from Stronger Country Communities and Building Better Regions the Council has installed new paving and stamped asphalt in Templar Street, front to kerb car parking including line marking, installation of planter boxes and the trees planted in the eastern end of Templar Street.

Forbes Shire Council is expecting the next part of works planned will comprise of three parts including:

  • Seating around the trees to provide additional seating for pedestrians, and also to provide protection to the tree roots
  • Removal of rose beds at the Lachlan Street corners of Templar Street and the paving to be extended. The rose beds will be repurposed around town
  • Pergola Structures (part roofed/part vine covered) within pedestrian verges at the four corners of this section of Templar Street. The vines covering these pergolas, although they will take some months to grow, will provide shade in summer and additional sun in the winter months as the focus will be on deciduous species.

Upon the removal of the rose beds, Council's water team will be reviewing the water services under this area. All trees within Templar Street will be preserved.

Forbes Shire Council are also planning to install more benches along Templar Street, with bollards between them and the road.

The pergolas and seating will be constructed off site and Council is hopeful it will be installed and completed by the end of December 2021. Installation may see some increased noise and additional vehicles in the area.

Works will be restricted to take place between 7am - 5pm on weekdays.

For any additional information regarding these works, contact Council's Manager Major Projects, Aaron Parker on 02 6850 2300.