Dig in: news from the Forbes Garden Club

Queen Elizabeth rose in full bloom. Photo Elvy Quirk.

Queen Elizabeth rose in full bloom. Photo Elvy Quirk.

Good morning to all members of the Forbes Garden Club.

Hope you are staying safe and well in these uncertain times.

Well Spring has sprung and the gardens are starting to come alive with dormant shrubs showing their first shoots, bulbs and annuals etc blooming with a great splash of colour.

I guess some gardeners are now getting ready for the warmer months with mulching etc

Of course now with the lockdown and restrictions due to COVID we have cancelled our Mayfield Garden Trip scheduled for September 30.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we may come out of lockdown and perhaps be able to have a meeting, and hopefully by the time November comes around we can meet for our luncheon.

At present we must all be patient.

A recipe for horticultural oil

This is to be used for controlling sucking and chewing insects like Aphids, Mealy bug, Citrus leaf miner etc.

It is not a poison but suffocates the pests so they cannot develop a resistance.

It needs to be sprayed on both sides of the leaves.

One cup dishwashing detergent, two cups sunflower oil.

Add to a clearly marked jar or container, close lid tightly and shake until it becomes white.

When ready to use dilute one tablespoon to one litre of water, shake and off you go.

Note: do not apply when temperature exceeds 30 degrees.

Happy gardening.

Contributed by Elvy Quirk