Police beat: 15yo charged with assault police

Police beat: 15yo charged with assault police

A 15-year-old Forbes male has been charged with assault and assault police amongst other charges.

Forbes police said he was arrested in Forbes last Friday afternoon and charged with breaching apprehended violence order and assault.

He was also charged with resisting police and assaulting police.

Initially refused police bail, he was then granted bail by the Parramatta court.

Police have been spending a lot of time out on the streets monitoring COVID compliance.

On Sunday after a 25-year-old male and 21-year-old female were detected to be in breach of the current stay-at-home orders. They were given an infringement notice and directed to return home.

Lost and found 

Police have two iPhones that have been handed in at the Forbes station.

One, a silver iPhone 7 or 8, was found at Bunnings, the other, in a black case, was found in the Lake Forbes area.

You can further identify them and claim them at Forbes police station.

An iPhone 12 in an orange case has been lost: anyone who finds it can hand it in to Forbes Police Station to get it returned to the owner.