Bowlers set to deliver solid competition in major triples semi-finals

With the semi-finals on the agenda Major Triples is the focus at present for followers of lawn bowls, in fact sport in general.

In semi final one there is sure to be plenty of 'friendly' banter with the combination of Christian West, Glenn Kearney and Geoff Williams up against the confident trio of Viv Russell, Greg Gunn and 'Bert' Bayley.

Semi final two has Scott McKellar skipping for Cliff Nelson and Sid Morris taking on John Cutler, Russell Hodge and Lindsay Willding.

In both games it is hard to find a favourite as all have reasons to feel confident. However, the Willding combo looks good with Mr Cutler leading and one of the big improvers in the club followed by second Mr Hodge who proved last Sunday he can play under any condition while the form of skip Willding need no introduction.

Still, it's never over until the last bowl so spectators can look forward to two even games.

In their quarter final last weekend the Bayley trio won 26-16 over Bob Grant, Denny Byrnes and Lyall Strudwick. They did not have it all their own way early with the score 8-all after eight ends before skipping away to lead 19-12 after 18 sealing the match with five on the last three ends of 25.

Willdings had it slightly easier against Brett Davenport, Paul Baker and 'Spro' Asimus winning 27-18. They led 7-3 after seven ends, 22-9 after 15 before the Asimus inspired trio made it 24-18 with three ends of 25 left to play. Three singles ended the match for Willdings.

In a Minor Pairs match junior Joe Nicholson and his father Geoff showed no mercy winning 24-10 against the experienced pairing of Rob Priest and Peter Mackay in game lasting 20 ends.

The Nicholsons led from the outset in front 9-8 after eight ends, 15-6 after 14 cruising except for the last end where the two senior players were able to have their best end, a three for double figures.

The Nicholsons now face Denny Byrnes and Bob Grant in one semi final while in the other Cliff Nelson and John Gorton await the winner of the Shane 'Booza' Bolam and Robert 'Pooch" Dukes game against Paul Doust and Laurie Crouch.

Championship games still await with the Minor Triples draw now out while nominations are still being called for the A and B Pairs and Bentick Trophy.

If playing any bowls take note of COVID regulations on and off the green.

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John Gorton and Lyall Strudwick have their eyes on the bowl on a sunny Wednesday morning on the greens.

John Gorton and Lyall Strudwick have their eyes on the bowl on a sunny Wednesday morning on the greens.

Wednesday bowls

You can't keep good bowlers down for long and that showed last Wednesday where David Williams did all ask of him to lead for Lindsay Willding winning the card draw after winning 25-20 over Barry White and Peter Mackay.

The White and Mackay pairing started well leading 8-3 after five ends only to drop off to be behind 16-11 after 10. They sowed some fight be get back in the game at 19-all after 17 but experience showed in the run to the judge over 20 ends.

Ray Dunstan had bragging rights over younger brother Kerry leading for Sid Morris winning 20-14 over Kerry and his lead Fred Vogelsang in another 20 end game.

It was a good game all the way until a four on the last end to Ray and Sid clinched the deal. Early it was 10-all after 10 then 13-12 after 14.

There were two close games, the first with John Baass and Laurie Crouch winning 17-16 over Geoff Coles and Cliff Nelson over 18 ends.

It was close all the way 8-7 to the Nelson pairing after eight while the Crouch had a similar lead 13-12 after 13 then 16-all prior to the last end.

A couple of new faces greeted organisers last week with Gordon Brown and Ted Morgan gracing the green for the first time.

Gordon took early bragging rights leading for Paul Doust to win 16-15 over Ted and Geoff Williams in game lasting 18 ends.

The beginners could not have asked for better skips with both Geoff and Paul offering tips on how to 'roll'. The game started as it finished, very close with the score 8-all after 11 ends before Gordon and Paul skipped away to led 16-10 prior to the last where Ted and Geoff threw a scare into the camp finishing with a five.

John Brown and Alf Davies had a slightly easier day winning 25-13 over Bill O'Connell and Tony Bratton over 20 ends.

They came from behind trailing 6-0 after four ends then 8-all after eight to then dominate with scores including a five and four with a couple of twos and more singles.

In the last game Geoff West and Lyall Strudwick won 15-10 over Trevor Currey and John Gorton. Also having a roll early in the game was Jim Irwin. Geoff and Lyall won the first three ends and never looked likely to lose.

Bill O'Connell and Paul Doust won the in-club comp of vouchers to Flint St Butchery.

Wednesday morning bowls is open to all and an ideal time to refresh your past talents or for those thinking of taking up the great game. Noms from 9.30am for a 10am start.