Good news for Western: nobody in hospital with COVID-19

GOOD NEWS: Western NSW Local Health District chief executive Scott McLachlan. Picture: FILE.

GOOD NEWS: Western NSW Local Health District chief executive Scott McLachlan. Picture: FILE.

As of Tuesday, the Western Local Health District has zero COVID-19 patients in hospital.

The good news was reported by Health District Chief Executive Scott McLachlan after a weekend where the daily case numbers have dropped into single digits.

There was only one new case reported for the region - from some 2300 tests - in the 24 hours to 8pm Monday although Mr McLachlan said there had been several overnight.

That's good news a week on from a raft of restrictions easing for people who have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine, with further easing of restrictions on the way.

In total, there has been 1557 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the Western NSW Local Health District, and 13 people have died.

"Case numbers are definitely declining across the whole region, definitely positives with that, but we still can't afford to think we're out of the woods," Mr McLachlan said.

"We've got around a half a dozen more cases which were identified since 8pm [Monday] so there's definitely more cases being identified particularly across Walgett and Wellington ... I'd expect some more would be identified through the rest of the day.

"We're definitely not heading towards total elimination of COVID in our region at the moment.

"As the state continues to open up and in coming weeks we know that we will see more COVID spreading throughout the region, our focus on vaccination has to be absolutely steely to get everyone who can be vaccinated, vaccinated.

"We don't want to leave anyone behind in this.

"There is a decreasing risk [with declining numbers] but we're definitely not past it. I certainly wouldn't say it's time to relax."

Also within the 24 hours to 8 pm Monday a further 12 patients were released from the Care in the Community Program, leaving an estimated 137 active COVID-19 cases across the region.

Mr McLachlan said the average age of COVID-19 patients in the health district was under 25.

He's also urging those yet to get vaccinated against the virus, or yet to have their second dose of vaccine, to make their booking through a local GP or pharmacy.

"We still have around 140 people in our COVID Care in the Community program, people with active COVID cases being cared for.

"Unfortunately 75 per cent of those cases haven't been vaccinated at all, there's around 20 per cent that have had a dose but it's fair to say the vast majority of people that are catching COVID, spreading COVID, and getting crook from COVID aren't vaccinated."