Have a look at some of Forbes High School HSC major works

With the 2021 year 12 students coming to the end of their HSC journey, the students of Forbes High School have submitted their major works for Visual Art and Industrial Technology.

Three students from the Industrial Technology class shared their major works with the Forbes Advocate.

Patrick Terrado created a ute tool box utilising a shelf, and three storage drawers. Patrick designed the tool box to fit the back of a dual cab ute.

Maddison Read created a tool box for recreation on the back of a single cab ute to help her with her motor cross activities.

Isaac Neilsen created a guitar stand to store his collection of bass guitars.

Forbes High School's Head teacher of PDHPE and CAPA. Justin Hoy said this group of students must be commended on their stoic approach to their HSC in Visual Arts this year.

"Through two years of Covid turmoil and the necessity of learning from home, they have triumphed to submit a variety of artworks from Painting, Digital Photographic media, Printmaking and Graphics."

"Each student was committed to succeeding and making themselves, their School, and their families proud," Mr Hoy said.

The nine students within this Visual Arts class were: Jasmine Casey, Jessica Croucher, Natalie Emery, Isaac Neilson, Zayne Merritt, Will Grey, Claire Barbary, Emily Knights and Tatiana Dukes Rankmore.

Several of the students shared their major artworks with the Forbes Advocate along with a little description.

Claire Barbary submitted an image of one of the paintings from her work 'The hopeless fear of creation'.

Her series of six paintings questions the relationship of the individual to those who live now, and those who have passed.

Emily Knights shared her work 'Puuurfecct', a collection of five digital media works which celebrated the role her cat played in her life over the past two very difficult years.

Zayne Merritt shared two paintings from his major work 'Emotion through astronomy'.

His collection of five paintings explored the inner landscapes of the mind and emotions whilst recognising the familiar physical laws of the universe still apply even there, and flow through every part of our existence.

Jessica Croucher shared two images of her collection of four works from her major work, 'Curiosity of the cat'.

As part of the inspiration of her work Jessica said she had witnessed her cat in its various moods and wondered what it must be thinking.

"With the fires of Christmas 2019 intriguing the cat, only to be surpassed by the cat's continual stalking of the aquarium fish.

"Her whimsical work shows that cats have imagination too and wish they could be somewhere else, from time to time, just like their owners."

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