Greetings from the Sunshine Club

Hello again Sunshiners.

We start by hoping that you are all safe and well and prepared for any flooding. What strange weather we have had for this spring.

Date changes: the Sunshine Christmas bingo date has had to be changed due to unforseen circumstances. The bingo has been moved to Wednesday, December 15.

It will be held in the auditorium of Club Forbes and playing will commence at 7pm.

There are great prizes for each game. There will also be raffles and pick-a-box, so get there early to purchase your tickets and bingo books.

It is great fun and great to catch up with everyone. All are welcome, so why not come and join in.

While on the subject of bingo, we would like to let you know that the Eugowra Sunshine bingo dates are also changed.

Bingo will be held at the Eugowra Bowling Club at 1pm on Tuesday November 23, November 30 and December 6.

They will then take a break and return on February 7 of 2022.

The Royak Far West Op Shop in Templar Street will close for the festive break on Friday, December 17 and will reopen on Wednesday, 19, 2022.

Please, if you are donating items for sale in the Op Shop, check that they are clean and in good condition. Our volunteers work very hard and should not have to handle anyone's rubbish.

We are here to raise funds for the Royal Far West.

The Op Shop is not able to take items that have been in a garage sale due to COVID restrictions put in place by the Royal Far West.

Electrical items cannot be accepted as we have no one to officially test these appliances.

Things like good clean furniture, clothing, linen and crockery are always in need and most welcome.

It is now time to open the birthday book and wish our Sunshiners a very happy birthday.

We start with Speedy's Mrs on November 29, Gangster and Mark Kay's Justin on December 1, Bruce Almighty's Doug and Marko's Wayne's Eli on December 3.

Congratulations to you all.

Well that concludes us for this time and we hope you all stay well and safe and keep smiling as a smile can make everyone's day a lot brighter.


Lady Cat.