SES issues partial "all clear" to return to some Forbes properties

WEDNESDAY MORNING: The view of moderate-level flooding at the Iron Bridge. Picture: Craig Dwyer
WEDNESDAY MORNING: The view of moderate-level flooding at the Iron Bridge. Picture: Craig Dwyer

With the flood threat for Forbes township easing, the NSW SES has issued a partial all clear at 3:46 PM pm on Wednesday, November 17 for some of the parts of Forbes that had been under evacuation order.

Some areas do remain under evacuation order and the SES advises they are not safe to return until the formal all clear is given:

South of Bathurst Street: River Road, Church Street, College Road, Wambat Street, Stacey Street, Stokes Street, Reymond Street, Lachlan Valley Way, Koala Place, Wandary Lane, Muscat Street and Claret Street

East of Ooma Street/Ferry Street: Blackwood Lane, Lower Bathurst Street, Bathurst Street, Riflerange Road, The Escort Way, Twogood Lane and Ooma Street.

It is now safe to return to the following areas, all property at:

Between Lake Forbes and Ooma Street: Herbert Street, Hill Street, Clarke Street, Bridge Street, Bandon Street, Ferry Street, Flint Street, and Barwin Street

North Forbes and the CBD: Lachlan Street, Sherriff Street, Templar Street, Sir Frances Forbes Drive, Cross Street, Camp Street, Browne Street, Spring Street, Rankin Street, Lawler Street, Riley Street, Lower Rankin Street, and Clear Street

North East of Forbes Railway: Landacre Road, Jones Street, Sam Street (southern end of Doc Street), and Parkes Road

North of Newell Highway: Farrand Street, Press Street, Dowling Lane, Renfree Street, Farnell Street (southern end), Bedgerabong Road, Windsor Street, and Clarence Street

West Forbes (West of Wambat Street): Wambat Street, Berkley Street, Bathurst Street, Warrul Road, Newell Highway, River Road, Show Street, Marcia Street, Elizabeth Street, Linda Street, Thelma Street, Hilda Street, Forrester Street, Junction Street, Racecourse Road, Lynette Street, Young Street, Margaret Street, Oxford Street, and Mona Street.

The water level in Lake Forbes is rising - residents have been watching this with interest - but the peak at the Iron Bridge is expected to remain below 2016 levels.

The water coming into Lake Forbes on Wednesday afternoon

For emergency help in floods and storms, call the NSW State Emergency Service on 132 500. In life threatening situations call triple zero (000) immediately.

In a Facebook video post, the SES has sought to address some of the concerns about this week's flood preparation.

"We are hearing some concerns from the community about why some businesses were shut down, we just want to assure the community that the decisions made around this flooding are not by local volunteers here, they're made by the Bureau of Meteorology around the worst-case scenario," Dave from the SES explains.

"When it comes to forecasting and doing flood planning around that, the SES always errs on the side of caution to ensure businesses are protected early should the worst-case scenario arrive.

"Thankfully, we haven't got the worst-case scenario in this flood, we didn't see water in town like we did in 2016.

"The water has moved in different ways and is now we expect to be peaking pretty soon and won't affect CBD businesses.

"Unfortunately some businesses did have to close for a few days, but we'd rather them have to close for a few days, and be protected, than remain open and the worst case comes and your business is lost or severely damaged."

The SES said they did understand the difficulties, particularly with the number of closures businesses have been forced into through COVID-19.

"What I do want people to know is that these decisions are made with the best decisions of the community at heart."

"And thanks Forbes for your patience, your hard work and you amazing spirit in supporting one another during this current flood event!" The SES post adds.