Forbes Dragon Boat Club names new boat after life member

The Forbes Dragon Boat Club have named their new boat in honour of the club's first life member at a ceremony on Sunday, November 14.

It was officially named 'Wendy Green' at the ceremony and naming the boats after someone is considered a dragon boat tradition according to the club's Kathryn Sweeney.

The boat, a 10-seater, was the club's first new boat purchase and was delivered in September of 2020.

Wendy Green said she would like to thank all of the club members for this incredibly generous gesture.

"It's a great honour to have my name on this lovely boat and permanently associated with our wonderful club," Wendy said..

"It's all very well to think back 10, 11 years ago and think it's all very well to have an idea to start something new in town.

"But of course, for that to turn into the reality of our successful and very functional and enjoyable club has always been and continues to be a team effort," Wendy said.

'It's a great credit to everybody involved that the club is now the sort of club that we hoped it would be when it started - inclusive and enjoyable for everybody to participate in."

During daylight savings hours, the Club usually trains on Lake Forbes on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings.

For more information about the Forbes Dragon Boat Club or to get involved, you can find them on Facebook as Forbes Dragon Boat Club or via email at