SES urges Bedgerabong to prepare for weeks of isolation

NSW State Emergency Service advises that people in Bedgerabong and surrounding areas who have had road access to Condobolin should start preparing for isolation.

Although access to Forbes has been cut off by flood waters - with teachers being flown in to keep the school open - residents in the area can still access Condobolin via the Lachlan Valley Way, although the SES advises you should check Live Traffic and local council websites prior to travelling.

Now they're urging people to prepare to be cut off from neighbouring communities for up to five weeks.

The flood peak was passing Jemalong on Monday and the Lachlan River was expected to reach moderate flood levels at Condobolin.

Given recent and predicted rainfall / rising river levels, flooding will impact low lying areas, roads and properties in and around Bedgerabong, an SES flood advice issued Monday afternoon said.

Properties in these streets should start preparing now: Bedgerabong Road; Browns Road; Copeland Parade; Darcy's Lane; Grudgery Lane; Hodges Road; Kaloola Lane; Monwonga Road; Noakes Road; North Condobolin Road; Rodgers Street; Roseleigh Lane; Slimbridge Road; Wattlebower Lane and Yarrabandai Road.

The SES advises you should:

  • Never drive, walk or play in flood waters.
  • Share this information with family and friends for their awareness.
  • Farmers are advised to monitor rainfall and river levels and be ready to move their livestock, pumps and other equipment away from rising waters..
  • Move residents who are elderly, have a serious health condition, limited mobility, and those who are unable or unprepared to cope with isolation to a safer place with access to support.
  • .Decide whether you will leave now and move to a safer, more comfortable place away from the flood affected area or remain in Bedgerebong for a number of weeks without access to supplies, power and other services.
  • Stock up on water, canned goods, batteries, fuel, gas, medicines, baby necessities and pet food
ROADS CLOSE: Bedgerabong residents have already had road access to Forbes cut off but need to prepare to be cut off from Condobolin as well, warns the SES. Picture: Craig Dwyer

ROADS CLOSE: Bedgerabong residents have already had road access to Forbes cut off but need to prepare to be cut off from Condobolin as well, warns the SES. Picture: Craig Dwyer

Resupply by the NSW SES can occur for people who are in isolated townships and communities for essential foods and goods, essential movement of people such as emergency and essential services personnel and for essential medical appointments and supplying essential medicines and medical equipment.

The SES advises the following procedure:

1. Call the NSW SES (132 500) and request resupply/transport - You will need to provide your name, contact details and delivery location details.

2. The NSW SES will issue you a beacon reference number.

3. Contact supplier (Bernardi's IGA or Woolworths etc.) to place your order and pay for the goods arranging for them to be transported to the staging site at Forbes local SES headquarters at Cnr School and Farnell Road Forbes.

4. Supplier should package your order appropriately packaged and marked with Property/Person Name, Address, contact details and SES beacon number.

5. All goods should be delivered to the Forbes Local SES headquarters between 8am and 4pm Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are the days prior to NSW SES completing the deliveries.

6. NSW SES will arrange delivery to your location as soon as possible to a designated drop off point.

If it is a medical emergency please call 000.