Bayleys score narrow win as squash players get back into comp

The rain poured down outside as the contest on the squash courts warmed up on Thursday.
The rain poured down outside as the contest on the squash courts warmed up on Thursday.

After a week off due to flood restrictions, squash was playable again last week with the second round being rescheduled for Wednesday night November 18 which was a good roll up with only two substitutes required.


Court One: Bayleys had a narrow defeat of Cogswells 11 points to 10, Alex beat Christine 3-2 and in a big, see saw match Jackson Beaudin made it two sets all against Will Markwort then won the fifth 15-9, while Tyson McKinnon was unlucky losing to Shannon Rath 15-17, 12-15, 12-15.

Court Two: Benticks lost to Chudleighs 8 points to 13. Michelle beat Kimberley 3-0 but Sam Rath lost to Kasey Kinsey 0-3 and sub Tyson Mckinnon lost to brother Tristan 0-3 also.

On Court Three: Ridges lost to Bergers 6 to 15, Greg lost to Janelle 0-3 and Wednesday's "Match of the Week" was sub Marcus Hardy at two sets up against Hanna Nixon who came back 18-16, 15-10 but Marcus finished the stronger on 15-13 and then Max Ridge lost 0-3 to Claire Bayley.


Thursday evening was well attended also and as the rain pelted down outside some epic matches ensued not the least of which was Mark Webb's fifth set defeat 15-11 of 'deception master' Pete Cowhan, earlier Lockie Miller and Jay Kross had their usual marathon match with Lockie winning this one set five 15-11 also.

Later, Chris Mcquie lost to Brendon Allegri 0-3, sub Sam Mackay beat Jason Mallon 3-0 and Adam Chudleigh lost to Weivan 'fleet feet' Huang 1-3. Millers lost here by a point to Krosses 18.

Court Two: in a reversal of week one's effort against Stonhams, Pipers lost to Bayleys 13 points to 22.

In a fast-paced match, Darryn and sub Oli Dawes thrilled us with their speed and skill as Darryn rallied to a 3-0 win but Haig Carlisle, Dennis Haynes and Ken Bryant all lost in three sets to Henry Kross, Shanna Nock and Deb Bryant respectively.

Beck Connell is becoming a force to be reckoned with; in a huge match against Neil Toole, at two sets to one down Beck returned to court and finished with a strong win 15-9, 15-12.

Court Three: Hornerys defeated Stonhams 21 to 14, sub Oli Dawes beat Brendon 3-0, Jono Cannon and Cameron Toole had solid wins over Jake Shaw and Pat Cormie but sub Alister Carlisle lost to Richard Plowes 0-3.

Alister returned to court against Chris McConnell who lost set one then fought back to take set two 15-12 only to lose to a determined Alister 10-15, 13-15.


Both nights: Team 5 plays 6, Team 3 plays 4, Team 1 plays 2.