Forbes pool open again with return of warm weather

With the return of the warm weather and floodwaters in town having receded, the Forbes Olympic Pool has reopened its doors.

The pool was able to reopen on Tuesday, November 30 after all equipment which had been removed to protect it from floodwaters was returned and the water quality was filtrated to optimum standards.

The Forbes Olympic Pool is open daily from 6am to 7pm and operates under COVID-19 guidelines which requires visitors to sign in with QR codes.

This weekend is set to continue the run of warmer weather with Saturday predicted to be sunny with a top of 28 degrees according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Sunday is predicted to be slightly cloudy with a top of 28 degrees.

Monday is expected to see a shower or two and reach a top of 27, while Tuesday is expected to see a top of 26 degrees and have between 3mm to 15mm of rain.