Field shines with three big wins on croquet court

Colleen Liebich, John Browne and Alec Todd on the croquet courts.
Colleen Liebich, John Browne and Alec Todd on the croquet courts.

On Tuesday 7th we had 30 players for Golf Croquet with a visitor Wendy Slacksmith, daughter of Merv Langfield.

There were five players who had three wins: Dorelle Scott, Bill Scott, Alex Todd, Joan Littlejohn and Bruce Field.

There was one very big winner: 12-1 John Farah and Bob Murray

Big winners, 9-4:

  • Bruce Field, Merv Langfield and Wendy Slacksmith, Bill Scott and Evelyn Mahlo,
  • Bruce Field and Bob Murray, Kevin Rubie and Geoff Coles, Bruce Field and Bob Murray,
  • Dorelle Scott and Mal Smith.

\Well done Bruce Field on three big wins.

Close games

  • Alex Todd, Vince Roberts 7 Robin Pols, Neville Spry 6
  • Bill Scott, Tony Thomson 7 John Job, Mal Smith 6
  • Neville Spry, Vince Roberts 7 John Browne, John Job 6
  • Elvy Quirk, Dorelle Scott 7 John Farah, Sandy Hepburn 6
  • Robin Pols, Alex Todd 7 Colleen Liebich, John Allegri 6
  • Mal Smith 7 Marie Spry 6
  • Bill Scott, Joan Littlejohn 7 John Farah, Vince Roberts 6
  • Alex Todd and John Cole 7 Robin Pols 6
  • Dorelle Scott and Colleen Liebich 8 Marie Spry, Elvy Quirk 5
  • Jeff Liebich, John Cole 8 Jill Rubie, Ray Burridge 5
  • Kevin Rubie, Joan Littlejohn 8 John Browne, John Allegri 5
  • Joan Littlejohn, Tony Thomson 8 Jill Rubie, Jeff Liebich 5
  • Elvy Quirk, John Job 8 Wendy Slacksmith, Geoff Coles 5
  • Evelyn Mahlo, Ray Burridge 8 Colleen Liebich, Neville Spry 5
  • John Browne, John Allegri 8 Marie Spry, Sally Perry 5

We had 25 players for Aussie Croquet on Saturday 11th. Campbell joined us with his grandparents, Jill and Kevin Rubie.

There were two winners of three games, John Browne and Merv Langfield.

Big wins:

  • 14-9 John Browne, Joan Littlejohn, Campbell Rubie and Anne Stewart, Neville Spry.
  • 14-10 Lyn Simmonds, Jeff Liebich, John Browne

Close games:

  • Bruce Field and Bill Scott 14 John Farah and John Allegri 13
  • Cheryle Toohey and Merv Langfield 14 Barry White and Tony Thomson 13
  • John Browne and Carolyn Neilsen 14 Lyn Simmonds and Bruce Field 13
  • Alex Todd and Jeff Liebich 14 Carolyn Neilsen and Campbell Rubie 12
  • Kevin Rubie and John Allegri 14 Elvy Quirk and Bruce Field 12
  • Harley Stewart and Ray Burridge 14 Dorelle Scott and Tony Thomson 12
  • Merv Langfield, Tony Thomson 14 Colleen Liebich, Kevin Rubie 12
  • Marie Spry, Merv Langfield 14 Colleen Liebich, Anne Stewart 11
  • Barry White, Jill Rubie 14 Lyn Simmonds, John Farah 11
  • Elvy Quirk, John Farah 14 Jill Rubie, Alex Todd 11
  • Joan Littlejohn, Ray Burridge 14 Jeff Liebich, Harley Stewart 11

That's it till next week

By Pegging Out