Finale night of 2021 Forbes squash comp action-packed

YOUNG TALENT: Claire and Georgia on court. Picture: Supplied
YOUNG TALENT: Claire and Georgia on court. Picture: Supplied

Wednesday night, December 15, final week of play.

It was an action packed squash finale with only one forfeit and substitute required.

Court One; Cogswells dominated Benticks 13 points to 8 though Chris lost to Michelle 1-3. But Will Markwort won his match 3-0 against Sam Rath and Shannon Rath beat young Kye Allen 3-0. Despite these teams' efforts, points earned were insufficient.

Next door, leading team Bergers defeated Bayleys by 12 to 8. Janelle lost to Alex 0-3 but Hannah Nixon beat Jackson Beaudin 3-1 and Claire Bayley received 6 points. The 12 points gave Bergers a good chance of taking out the crown.

Court Three saw Chudleighs win 16 crucial points to Ridges 5 when Kimberleigh excelled, defeating Greg 15, 19, 15, to 2, 17, 11.

Kasey Kinsey then beat Blaze Allen 3-0 and at two sets all sub Claire Bayley strove mightily to defeat Max Ridge 15-4.

Those 16 points placed Chudleighs ahead of Bergers making them the eventual winning team of the 2021 Short Social Comp with 64 to Bergers 63 points. Line winners were; Alex Bayley, Kasey Kinsey and Claire Bayley.

Thursday evening, the race was on for a comp winner.

Court One; Pipers took on leading team Krosses, Darryn beat Jay 3-0, but Haig Carlisle and sub Pat Cormie lost 0-3 to Brendon Allegri and Pete Cowhan respectively.

Then Beck Connell beat Jason Mallon 3-1, but sub Deb Bryant's narrow 2-3 loss to Weivan Huang allowed Krosses the needed 19 points to make them hard to beat.

Pipers' 16 points left them out of contention.

Court Two; Stonhams at third place required five wins at least against Millers and came close. Brendon had a 3-0 win over sub Henry Kross, as did Rich Plowes and Al Carlilse against Sam Mackay and Adam Chudleigh.

After four tough sets, Cam Toole had a 15-10 win over determined Parkes man Chris McQuie then Pat Cormie claimed set one from Mark Webb but lost 1-3.

Stonos 24 points to Millers 11 was a strong win but would it be enough?

Next door Bayleys, ironically needed the 24 points that Stonos had managed to obtain. Dan lost to Sam 1-3, Henry Kross in a classic battle defeated Jono Cannon 15-4, 8-15, 17-19, 15-11 and 15-8.

Not to be outdone Shanna Nock and Cam Toole had an equal marathon where at two sets up Shanna lost the next three.

Line four was a no game but Deb Bryant was awarded 6 points giving Bayleys 15 to Hornerys 12.

However by then, points wise, Krosses were out right Comp Winners on a 97 total to nearest rivals Bayleys with 89 points.

Line winners were Darryn Piper, Jono Cannon, Pete Cowhan, Beck Connell and Al Carlisle.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas and New Year.