Croquet club celebrates winners of 2021

We had 22 players for Golf Croquet on Tuesday, December 21 (the longest day of the year). This was our last day of croquet for this year, and was followed by our annual Christmas luncheon at the Vandenberg Hotel.

There were four players who managed three games: John Browne, Kevin Rubie, Tony Thomson and Jeff Liebich.

The big winners:

  • 10-3 Kevin Rubie and John Cole, John Farah and Bruce Field
  • 9-4 Bruce Field and Mal Smith, Merv Langfield and John Job, John Browne

Close games:

  • John Farah and Merv Langfield 7 Ray Burridge and Cheryle Toohey 6
  • Robin Pols and Vince Roberts 7 Elvy Quirk and Bruce Field 6
  • Kevin Rubie and Tony Thomson 7 John Farah and Denny Smith 6
  • Colleen Liebich and Robin Pols 7 Evelyn Mahlo and Elvy Quirk 6
  • Jill Rubie and Jeff Liebich 7 Cheryle Toohey and Alex Todd 6
  • Tony Thomson 7 Merv Langfield 6
  • Neville Spry and Lorraine Todd 8 Joan Littlejohn and Mal Smith 5
  • Jeff Liebich and Tony Thomson 8 Jill Rubie and John Job 5
  • John Browne 8 John Cole 5
  • Ray Burridge and Alex Todd 8 Colleen Liebich and Denny Smith 5
  • John Browne and Mal Smith 8 Vince Roberts and John Cole 5
  • Kevin Rubie and Jeff Liebich 8 Neville Spry and Robin Pols 5

We were treated to a very delicious meal for our Christmas luncheon. Thanks to the Vandenberg staff. Special thanks to Joan Littlejohn for her slices.

We also had our annual awards.

Golf Croquet

Men 1st Mal Smith Runner up Kevin Rubie

Ladies 1st Elvy Quirk Runner up Joan Littlejohn

Aussie Croquet

Men 1st John Browne Runner up Kevin Rubie

Ladies 1st Elvy Quirk Runner up Colleen Liebich

Encouragement Awards

Ray Burridge, John Farah, Merv Langfield, Neville Spry and Cheryle Toohey.

Our first day of Croquet for 2022 was to be January 11, but the rain put a stop to that. 27 players turned up keen to get started again for the new year.

During our Christmas break the council top dressed the courts, what a fabulous job they did, the courts now look like a bowling green. And a few players tried it out, the ball actually ran straight, so now plays like a bowling green.

A very big thank you to our Forbes council for doing such a good job.

That's it till our next game.