Forbes dragon boat club's Canberra regatta success

Forbes' Lachlan Dragons have made a cracking start to 2022 with success racing in Canberra.

Forbes competed in women's, mixed and open events in the ACT event, a round of the capital's championships, claiming the minor opens final and qualifying for the major finals in both women's and mixed events.

Coach Chris Favelle was delighted with their achievements.

"As a coach I was really excited," he said.

"It's really good to make the finals ... these regattas are really competitive."

With the restrictions and complexities of the past year, Favelle was delighted even to even take a team to Canberra.

"The team has trained well, and committed to this," he said.

Most events were 200m races with 10 paddlers in the boat for each race, but Forbes also teamed up with with paddlers from the Invictus dragon boat club to fill 20 seats for a 2km turn race - that's four 500m stretches.

We should mention the Forbes Dragon Boat club always welcomes new paddlers

"It's a great sport," Favelle says.

"It's a team sport, it's mixed with men and women, it's a really inclusive social network as well."

If you've retired from another sport, this is one that doesn't knock your knees around, but Favelle would also encourage younger people to give it a try.

In Forbes, it's also drawing women who have never played competitive sport but who are discovering they love dragon boating.

If you'd like to come and try it, head to the boat shed on the edge of Lake Forbes behind the bowlie from 5.30pm on a Thursday or from 8am on a Sunday.

The bonus is that you get to enjoy a unique view of an absolutely picturesque part of Forbes: just head online to the Forbes Dragon Boat Club Facebook page to see some of their pictures or of course to find out more about the club.

"It's spectacular down there on a nice day, you just wouldn't want to be anywhere else," Favelle said.

Forbes is warming up to host its own regatta on March 20.