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SMILES ALL ROUND: Bodhi by Mimi's 2021 retreat was a great success for everyone involved. Photo: Bodhi by Mimi

IN THE new year when resolutions are made, and broken, one of the most popular pledges you hear people say is that they are going to look after themselves better. But is it that easy? After a holiday period that can often consist of eating and drinking far too much, coupled with lockdowns and restrictions, it can all just seem too hard. So what is the best way to approach to becoming healthier?

Bodhi by Mimi owner, Aimee Woods, said that focusing on realistic goals will soon have you on your way to a happier, healthier you. "When we set our mind on something we want to achieve, we fall into the trap of wanting to receive the results sooner than we should be expecting them," she said. "My tips would be to focus on what your goals are and work backwards from there.

ONE ON ONE: If a group class setting isn't really for you, Aimee is also available for private coaching sessions to help you achieve your goals. Photo: Bodhi by Mimi

"Focus on the steps you must take to reach the goal, not just on the goal itself. Forming habits takes conscious, repetitive effort, over an extended period of time, so have patience with the process and remove the expectation that things must fall into place a certain way by a certain time.

"Everyone is on their own journey, doing the best they can with the information and resources available to them, so focus solely on your own journey, nobody else's."

After moving back to Forbes after COVID hit, the health and wellbeing guru, decided to share her passion, knowledge and skills with others to help improve their health and wellbeing. As part of her upcoming offerings, Aimee will be hosting a Restorative Retreat on Sunday, February 6, aimed at helping people reconnect with their bodies and health. "We hosted this event last year and it was a wonderful success," she said. "This year the retreat will be in collaboration with Danica Bartholomaeus, and it's a great opportunity for those interested, to meet other like minded people seeking to set their minds on a positive trajectory of the year ahead.

Aimee said while her normal classes were a great way for the community to focus on improving their physical and mental wellbeing, the retreat dives deeper into emotional and spiritual health. "The retreat is a time for people to switch off, relax and be guided home to themselves through a range of modalities, such as yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, body scanning, embodiment practices and journal prompts," she said. "It's one thing to verbally pronounce goals and aspirations but when we sit, write down and practice embodying all the thoughts that arise when we want to shape our future self, it becomes a truly visceral experience."

Aimee will also continue to offer classes including yoga, nutrition, personal training, dance fit. To find out more or to book a class online, visit