Council to close laneway due to 'undesirable behaviour'

Council to close laneway due to 'undesirable behaviour'

Forbes Shire Council will install lockable gates on a pedestrian laneway connecting Hettie Place to Farnell Street after a letter from residents.

"Repeated events of undesirable behaviour" in the laneway prompted residents to write to the council last December, a report to February's council meeting says.

Council staff conducted a street meeting to seed feedback on the proposal and "all in attendance supported the closure of the walkway", the report says.

Council staff plan to install lockable gates to prevent use of the accessway until it can be formally closed.

"Following this meeting formal correspondence was sent to surrounding residents asking them to contact Council if they objected to the proposal for the closure of the pedestrian accessway," the report says.

"No submissions were received during this time and it was considered that community members do not require this connection for pedestrian movement between Hettie Place and Farnell Street.

"It is therefore recommended that the accessway be closed."

A further paper would be presented to the council to determine the options relating to disposal or retention of the gated land.