Garden Club welcomes wonderful turn-out for AGM

Has your garden loved this wetter, milder summer? This Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose has.

Has your garden loved this wetter, milder summer? This Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose has.

More seats please! Our 'man' power was more quality than quantity!

A heart warming turnout of our loyal members! Maybe they interpreted 'A.G.M' as an Afternoon with George and Mildred - could be entertaining - a laugh or two?

Is your calendar on the kitchen wall, fridge or on your device? Or do you have a photographic memory? Either way, record the following events -

April 22 - trip to Parkes in the afternoon to meet Glen Radcliffe at his plant setup where he grows plants for Bernardis. Can you walk past the plants and leave them there and let them live? Or succumb to temptation?

March meetingMarch 22 at Robin Lyle's shady, much-loved garden, 1 Church St.

October 15, show of flowers at Club Forbes where our fragrant flowers, stamins quivering, stems at attention are judged by the perfect petals and glowing colours all shades.

September 20, our Spring trip to Mayfield Gardens. Cost $18. Bring your own mouth-watering lunch to share or not!

Winter lunch meeting will be at the refurbished Calarie Hall, make your own snowman and enjoy the gourmet lunch in the warm hall catered by the Calarie Committee - 5 Hat Chefs. Date TBD.

Have you been to the Bunya Festival in Queensland? Irene Ford brought her Bunya nut to show us - fascinating.

First place in Flower of the Month went to John Brown (Magenta); equal second to Irene Ford (Hibiscus) and Meg Scholfield (Snail Plant)

The monthly raffle was won by Ann Nelson and Caroline Dewaegeneire.

Our office bearers for 2022 are:

  • President - Elvy Quirk
  • Vice President - Margaret Dent
  • Secretary - Robyn Mattiske
  • Treasurer - Meg Scholefield
  • Assistant Treasurer - Annie Moy
  • Events Co-ordinator - Janette Thomas
  • Publicity Officer - Ann Nelson
  • Afternoon Tea - Pam Peters
  • Flower of the month - Irene Ford
  • Attendance and Raffle - Tuppy Drabsch and Pam Bass
  • Plant Stall vacant, expressions of interest, volunteer needed
  • Auditor - Murray Field
  • Patrons - Tuppy Drabsch and Loris Stewart

Happy gardening, Sweet Pea