Forbes Pony Club riders sign up for State tetrathlon

Forbes Pony Club riders will represent their Zone this week at the Pony Club State Tetrathlon Championships to be held in Denman in the Hunter Valley.

The event sees riders compete in a variety of sports in a version of the Olympic Pentathlon event and requires the competitors to be all round athletes.

Competitors will ride a showjumping round, run a cross country course, swim and shoot.

President Gary Tomlinson is excited about the members being able to compete at this level and in a different type of equestrian sport.

Competitors from the Club will be Tess Worland, Jemma Hodder and Jake Tomlinson with a fourth rider Freya Hooper unfortunately having to withdraw due to Covid isolation requirements.

"It is so great to have so many keen young riders in our Club wanting to have a go at something different and be competitive," Mr Tomlinson said.

"These riders are all pretty fit too so we are looking forward to seeing how they go.

"Getting involved and being part of this is so important for these riders and for the club and these young riders will be able to bring some new skills back to the club.

"Who knows, we may even run our own tetrathlon here in Forbes one day!"

Forbes Pony Club meets regularly for Rally Days and membership is now open.

It's a fun and friendly environment for riders to improve their skills and to learn horsemanship.

For enquiries please contact the club secretary at