Players duel it out in marathon matches in summer squash comp

By Drop Shot!

Adam Chudleigh and Cameron Tool after their epic match.

Adam Chudleigh and Cameron Tool after their epic match.

The Forbes Squash Open is approaching, watch this space.

After our end of year break Forbes Squash has hit off for 2022 with a short 'Summer Comp' which runs for five weeks. Welcome to all new and regular players.

Wednesday comp

Wednesday night February 23, attendance was excellent with only one substitute player required.

Court One Benticks v D Bils 18-17

Michelle v Danny 0-3, Marc Hardy v Kim Chudleigh 0-3, Kasey Kinsey v Hannah Nixon 3-0, Shan Rath v Harry Bilsborough 0-3, Cam Webb v Rachel Bilsborough 0-6.

Court Two W Bils v Bayleys 10-25

Wayne v Alex 3-1, Gabe Miller McMillan v Chris Cogswell 0-3, Nikki McCaig v Jono Webb 1-3, Sam rath v Will Markwort 0-3,Beth Cannon v Rhys Knight 0-3.

Court Three Webbs v Coombs

Louise v Graham, 1-3, Mel Cowhan v Greg Ridge 3-0, George Falvey v sub J Webb 3-0, Claire Bayley v Luke Bilsborough 3-2 and in an huge match Max Ridge defeted Jay Knight 15-13 set five.

Thursday comp

Thursday evening and in a grueling "Match of the Week" Adam Chudleigh lost to Cam Dale by a few points after a big battle of attrition; 6-15, 15-13, 11-15, 15-13 and 12-15, wow, well done boys!

Court One Dawes v J Krosses 22-20

Ollie v Jay 0-3, Dan Bayley v Jake Shaw 3-0, Chris McQuie v Cam Toole 3-1, Max Ridley v Shanna Nock 0-3, sub Weivan Huang v Austen Brown 3-2, Jenna Plowes v Isaac Barnard 3-1.

Court Two Pipers v Hornerys 21-19

Darryn v sub A Doyle 3-0, Jono Cannon v Alex Doyle 0-3, Pete Cowhan v Bren Allegri 0-3, Ben Barnard v Jason Mallon 0-3, Deb Bryant v Chris McConnell 3-0 (forfeit).

Court Three H Krosses v Millers

Henry v Lockie 0-3, Justin Healy v Mitch Doyle 1-3, Mark Webb v Scott Webb 3-1, Rich Plowes v Neil Toole 2-3, Weivan Huang v Al Carlisle 3-2.

The Forbes Shire Council Open Squash Tournament is on March 18, 19 and 20. Registrations are open and online via