Community takes stand at Ochre Ribbon Day

Binaal Billa Family Violence Prevention Legal Service (FVPLS) held their annual OCHRE Ribbon Day on Wednesday March 9.

Traditionally this is held in the first week in February. It recognises family and domestic violence within Aboriginal communities against women, men and children.

Binaal Billa FVPLS state that family and domestic violence within Aboriginal communities has increased across Australia to alarming levels.

The Ochre Ribbon Campaign highlights the need to stop this violence through community driven initiative, the Ochre Ribbon symbolizes this.

"The ochre colour of the earth reminds us of our connection as Aboriginal people to this land, linking with the colour brown that symbolizes our people and the powerful message to stop violence," Binaal Billa's Debbie Gaudie said.

"Binaal Billa FVPLS works with the communities and other services to raise awareness and look at preventative measures to stem the violence within our service area."

"Our intention is to strengthen our focus and determination in the prevention of family and domestic violence."

The message is culturally focused in values, and contributes to the message that Aboriginal people that will not tolerate violence against our women, children and men.

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