Pony Club's sports stars shine across four sports at State Tetrathlon

Can you run, swim, showjump and shoot?

These impressive young athletes from Forbes Pony Club can, and not only that but they can hold their own at State competition where they've just won ribbons.

Tess Worland, Jemma Hodder and Jake Tomlinson all competed across all four sports at State level at Denman.

In the junior competition, for 13 to 17-year-olds, the locals completed a 2km run, had 10 shots in a target shoot, a 200m swim and completed a showjumping course which included a couple of gates.

Forbes Pony Club president Gary Tomlinson couldn't be more impressed with their performances both in the individual disciplines and overall.

Jake placed second in his run and third in the showjumping; Jemma took out first in the swim and Tess third in the swim.

Overall, Jemma placed third and Jake fourth.

"It's only the second time they've done it - only the second time they've used the (laser) pistol," Tomlinson explained, their success is absolutely outstanding.

After the disruptions of COVID-19, you'd have to think our young athletes are just getting back into their stride.

We are starting to see the return of agricultural shows with horse events, and Sydney Royal isn't far away.

Jake will be heading there for showjumping - we look forward to bringing you that full story closer to the time.

Forbes Pony Club will also have promising young riders at a State one day event in Harden next month, followed by a combined training event.

There's also State showjumping at Bingara in July to prepare for.

Forbes Pony Club meets regularly for rally days, in a fun and friendly environment for riders to improve their skills and to learn horsemanship.

For enquiries please contact the club secretary at forbesponyclub@gmail.com