Want to know the interests our councillors have declared? You'll have to ask

Want to know the interests our councillors have declared? You'll have to ask

Should councillors declarations of interest be listed on the council website?

It was a question posed by Cr Jenny Webb at the March Forbes Shire Council meeting when the newly elected councillors were advised of the requirement to make the disclosures required under the council's code of conduct.

"In some towns they actually display it on the website, along with the councillors ... is that something we may looking at?" Cr Webb asked.

"At the moment we do our disclosure, it goes to you (the General Manager), the public don't get to see it unless they go and ask ... the General Manager.

"In some places they are very public, they actually display it on the council website."

General Manager Steve Loane advised it wasn't mandatory for councils to publish the information.

"It's the policy position that the council of the day adopts," he said.

"If that's something councillors would like to have a report brought back about we can certainly do that."

Mayor Phyllis Miller said community members were welcome to request the information any time they wanted, and warned it could become "quite vexatious".

"It is usually party politics ... we don't have any of that here in Forbes," she said.

Cr Webb said she would like the disclosures displayed, but would go along with other councillors - none of whom spoke up for the idea.

Interests include but are not limited to interests and positions in corporations; interests as a property developer (or close associate); in trade unions, professional or business associations.