Fallen tree blocks Escort Way, neighbours rush to help

Fallen tree blocks Escort Way, neighbours rush to help

Witnesses have rushed to help clear a tree that that fell and blocked the Escort Way on Thursday night.

Police report that a vehicle hit a large tree, which had fallen across the road block both lanes, about 9.30pm last Thursday.

While police closed the road, multiple witnesses attended and began work to cut up parts of the tree so they were easier to move, a police spokesperson said.

State Emergency Services volunteers then arrived on scene to clear the debris and get the road open again.

Highway accident: Sherriff Street was closed for a short time on Tuesday after a collision between a car and a truck.

Police understand a driver travelling north on the Newell Highway swiped the back of a truck travelling in the opposite direction on the bend before the traffic lights about lunchtime.

Emergency services attended to free a woman, who was briefly trapped due to the damage to the vehicle, and transported her to Forbes hospital as a precaution.

Two charged: Two people will face Forbes court on charges of cultivating cannabis.

Police attended a William Street premises last Friday, after receiving information, and allege they found three mature cannabis plants.

A 31-year-old male and 26-year-old female are to face Forbes Local Court.

Walker knocked down: Police are calling for community members to help identify two dogs who knocked a walker down and attacked her dog.

A woman was walking her dog along Thames Street about 7am last Friday, April 1, when two dogs jumped a fence, police said.

One knocked her down while the other attacked her dog.

Phones found: Two mobile phones have been found in the past week and handed in to police. One was found in Union Street on April 3, the other behind the Forbes Sports and Recreation Club on April 5. The owners can provide more identifying information to claim them.