Coach draws crowds at Eugowra murals weekend - and that's just what's intended

A real crowd-stopper on the weekend was a steel-art replica Royal Mail coach the artists were putting the details onto.

It's the work of Darryl Coleman, who runs Eugowra-based business DAZART, and Judd McKenna, whose family commissioned the work to stand outside their new venture The Escort Rock Cafe.

"It all started as a bit of an idea," Judd said on Sunday, explaining he'd been looking for something to place on the lot near the intersection to draw in a few more of the people who roll through town.

His vision was to create something for the cafe, with reference to the Escort Rock gold robbery and complimentary to the murals.

Then came the day Judd rolled four old metal carriage wheels into Darryl's yard, and asked him to build the carriage to scale from there.

"He rocked up with these four wheels and I nearly fainted," Darryl said, but he sought out a model coach online and began to work out a plan.

As the pair sat in the shed of an afternoon discussing the project and looking through the bits and pieces they'd collected over the years, it all came together.

There are genuine steps that were found at a dealer, horse-head door handles that came from a fire poker set at a local property, solar lanterns with flickering candle effect.

There's even a lockbox with an ironstone "gold" nugget on the back - in a nod to the Escort Rock gold robbery with a bit of creative licence.

"Although it looks like it's been painted burgundy, it was initially rusted first - I wanted to have that rust look - and then we had to coat it with an epoxy so the guys could paint it," Judd said.

"It actually turned out really well - it looks very similar to those pigments of a coach back in those days."

On the weekend, the group of mural artists added the details from the authentic FORD and CO right through to the #VISITEUGOWRA.

Darryl describes his reaction as "gobsmacked" - he'll be absolutely proud to drive past the piece daily.

"The painting has transformed it - what the artists have done," Judd says.

"It's great for the town. It's more than what we are, it's a community thing.

"We just wanted to create a piece that gives people another reason to stop."

If you haven't seen the murals, there's a new map out which does include the new additions and which will be distributed to visitor information centres in Forbes and Orange as well as available in Eugowra.