Golf winners defy the weather

The golfing weekend was going to be busy with the Ladies Open and the Saturday Mens event. The forecast weather conditions were set to throw a wobbly on top of all that. But the Saturday golfers prevailed while the Sunday golfers basked in sunshine.

The Saturday Mens event was an Individual Stroke, sponsored by Country Mile Motor Inn. The field was heavily reduced to 31 players, both by the forecast inclement conditions and by a heavy deluge on Saturday morning. The Lady players had incentive so they out-numbered the men on the course. But the object of those who played was to defy the conditions and record the best score they could. This they did achieve.

The Division 1 was won by Niel McMillan with 71 nett. He was nonplussed by the weather, scoring nothing worse than bogey on any hole all day. Runner-up was Anthony Alley on 73 nett. He played through the rain and got there on count back from Dave Earl who played primarily in better conditions. Anthony had one double-bogey but otherwise scored regularly.

The Div-2 was won by Lachlan Alley, who once again used his handicap to get effect. His score of 68 nett was the best of the day, and will certainly further reduce his handicap. Runner-up was Matt Duff on 71 nett. He started well, had a few hiccups along the way, and did more than enough to win the KENO from his opponents.

The NTP's went to - 9th: Andrew Dukes; 18th: Lachlan Alley, of whom only Andy was able to convert. Lachlan narrowly scored his '2' from Stevie G, whose measured shot was only about 15 cm longer, but he also missed his '2'. There were 5 two's overall, with the best of those efforts being a Div-2 player on the 1st hole.

The 3rd Hole Super Pin went to Josh Coulthurst with a shot to 2.65 metres. He was in the second group of the day, getting closer than Anthony Alley. With the whole field yet to follow along Josh was not confident of 'holding his spot', but as it turned out he was as safe as houses. Others claimed wind, raindrops on glasses, and slippery grips were to blame.

The ball sweep went to 76 nett on count back, going to: 73 - D Earl; 74 - P Dawson, J Haley; 75 - J Coulthurst, J Betland, L Little; 76 - T Toohey, D Bayley. There were no visitors.

It was a day of two halves for the golfers. The morning was certainly wet, but the afternoon players enjoyed sunny conditions. All players endured the negating response of splashes as their keenly shot balls found the myriad of puddles across the course, in both fairways and rough areas.

One of the many facets of golf is the availability of a variety of equipment to help the player perform at their best. One such aspect of this is the purchase of clubs. Often a player will arrive to play with his group, brandishing the latest 'weapon'. And often the results are variable, with much of it influenced by 'friendly banter'.

Matt Duff had such a weapon. He used it for his opening tee shot, managing to clear from his mind the comments being made through the safety fence by the golfers assembled there. He was very satisfied with the end result - a tee shot that finished on the green - and was especially pleased to sink the putt and record a '2'.

Matt used this weapon successfully on other shots during his round. He confessed to his playing group that it was in actual fact a 'ladies' club, on which he had painted black over somewhat delicate colours presented on ladies clubs. He even went as far as colouring the head cover to camouflage the origins. But it certainly worked.

The social aspects of golf were truly shown by the combining of two small groups into one larger one. With plenty of room in the field, Niel McMillan and his group caught up to some stragglers and completed the round with them. It was a relaxing atmosphere, as evidenced by Neil scoring well enough to win the Div-1 prize.

Scoring was quite variable for some players, producing roller-coaster ups and downs. Warwick Judge did well to score 'birdie, par' on the 11th and 12th, and then to follow those with double-bogeys on the 13th and 14th by way of tree trouble and a monstrous 'shank'.

The 14th hole treated other golfers rather well. Paul Kay laboured up the 14th hole to finally reach the very front of the green after three shots. Putting uphill and on damp grass he was determined to get the ball to the hole which was nearly 40 feet away. He struck the putt so hard it looked like it was going to finish in the lake past the green. But the ball struck the pin dead centre, jumped up the flagstick about two feet and dropped with a clatter into the hole. Paul commented, "That is one way to make par".

Many players have good holes, bad holes and those holes where they seemingly cannot score well. Ted Morgan was pleased to manage a par on the 4th hole, thus stopping what seemed was an endless run of poor scores on that hole alone. We await his score on that hole next week.

There was no Stableford Medley on Sunday due to the playing of the Ladies Open.

Here is the news:

The Forbes Vets 'Week of Golf' was very successful despite the interruptions due to individual cancellations (for Covid) and the bursts of heavy rain. Daily participation was good with 90 players on Monday and Tuesday and over 70 players on Thursday and Friday.

A full report is provided separately, but I can say that local successes included a fine 49 points by Ralph Baker on Tuesday, and an overall win by Peter Dawson. Well done to all participants, and especially to those travellers from across the State. Many accolades were shared for the course and the organisation.

The Pro-Am is on tomorrow, Friday 6 May, with places still available to join into a group and play alongside a Pro golfer. Let the Pro Shop know if you are coming in. It will be a 12 noon shotgun start, with a meal provided that evening.

The Forbes Mens Open weekend on 14 and 15 May is receiving a steady flow of entries, with over 80 people already nominated. Nomination scan be placed at the Pro Shop, with payment by direct debit. This is the first in the 'Trilogy of Golf', which includes the West Wyalong and Condobolin Mens Opens.

It is crystal ball time:

Sat 7 May has a Monthly Medal for the men and the 3rd round of the Golf NSW Medal for the ladies. Sunday 8 May is 'Mother's Day' and has a Stableford Medley.

Sat 14 May is a 4BBB Stableford, sponsored by Forbes Livestock & Agency Co. Sun 15 May is the Mens Open, being an Individual Stroke event. This is sponsored by Forbes Shire, Forbes 'Golfie' Hotel and Golf Harvest. It promises to be a great weekend yet again.