Local's podium finish as Forbes hosts 2022 Australian ride on lawn mower racing titles

Forbes has hosted the country's hottest racing mowers for one huge weekend and our very own David Teale has taken out third place in his class.

Teale is one of the Forbes-based members of the Australian Ride On Lawn Mower Racing Association, which ran the national titles at the Forbes Auto Sports Club flat track at Daroobalgie on the weekend.

He said it was "unreal" to bring the titles to his home town - and a podium finish in A Class was a pretty good way to finish the event.

Association president Dianne Milsteed said the titles drew in 86 competitors from Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia, all vying for the honour of having the nation's fastest racing mower.

Blake Barry from Berrigen claimed ultimate bragging rights when he took out the Outlaw class honours after a program of racing that ran right through the daylight hours Saturday and Sunday.

The Forbes track hosted qualifying rounds on Friday with heats across seven classes of mower beginning Saturday morning. There were juniors, then races in E right up to A classes, with the Outlaw class the top grade.

Each of the seven grades had eight heats, with finals wrapping up on Sunday just as the sun sank towards the horizon.

The titles catered for riders aged nine through to 72 years of age, and those who took the opportunity to watch would have seen the diversity of their racing mowers.

There are some distinct differences in the mowers from different State-based associations, Di explained.

Queensland and NSW-built mowers sit lower - not dissimilar to a go kart in appearance - but they use modified mower engines to power their racing.

Victorian and South Australian members typically use motorbike engines in their racing mowers.

Some keep the steering wheel, others switch out to motorbike handles.

They have one thing in common.

"There's a great sense of pride in the riders because most of them have custom-built their racing machines," Di said.

Di said the association had come to Forbes for a club championship round in 2021 and been impressed by the venue.

"The venue is fantastic and the team from Forbes Auto Sports Club are just amazing - I can't speak highly enough of them," she followed up on Monday.

Milsteed paid tribute to Forbes' David Teale and Craig Bratton for the amount of work they did in the lead up to the event.

Unfortunately Bratton didn't qualify for finals, missing a couple of rounds of heats making repairs to his mower. He's also the mechanic behind David Teale's racing mower as well.

Teale can't speak highly enough of the sport, or the event.

"We love the camaraderie with everyone else with our club," he said on Sunday.

"It's a really family-oriented sport with great people. It's unreal (to have it in Forbes)."


  • Outlaws 1st Blake Barry 2nd Dylan Mercieca 3rd Sean Booy
  • A Class 1st Liam McIntyre /Andrew Collett 2nd Steve Shilling 3rd Dave Teale
  • B Class 1st Craig Hayward 2nd Adam Heggie 3rd James Hardie
  • C Class 1st Jack Nichols 2nd Ian Nichols 3rd Ned Elliot
  • D Class 1st Chad Phippen 2nd Tracey Peter 3rd Slade Rawlinson
  • E Class 1st Debbie Fernance 2nd Nathan Peter 3rd Luke Curtis
  • Juniors 1st Jhett McIntyre 2nd Abbigale Love 3rd Bella Peter