Aussie families prepare for Mother's Day 2022

Aussie families prepare for Mother's Day 2022

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With less than two months to go until Mother's Day, the collective countdown has well and truly begun.

As we all fumble with what to get the most important woman in our lives it can be easy to go down the tried and tested route of flowers and chocolate. But if you really want to show your mum you care, getting her a gift that's tailored to suit her style and interests is definitely the way to go.

We've put together a nifty little guide to help you find the perfect gifts for mum this year, and make every kind of mum feel special on this coming Mother's Day.

For the mum that loves to cook

There's nothing quite like a mother's cooking, as it's forever remembered as the gold standard by sons and daughters alike.

If your mum is a food fanatic, then getting her all the latest gear and gadgets in order to help her culinary processes is the ultimate way to show her you appreciate her and all she does for your family.

One appliance that is rapidly becoming seen as irreplaceable in the kitchen is a food processor. These modern kitchen appliances allow passionate home chefs to cut their preparation time in half and enjoy a delectable meal minus finicky food prep.

Another appliance that's making its way into many Aussie kitchens is the intuitive modern standing mixer.

We all know that a whisk and a bowl just sometimes isn't enough when it comes to cooking, which is precisely why a chic standing mixer may very well be the perfect gift for mum this Mother's Day.

These appliances can double as interior decorating for the kitchen as they can be purchased in an array of shapes, sizes and colours, whilst also whisking your egg whites or mixing your dough in record time.

Cooking has never looked so good!

For the mum, who needs time off her feet

We all know our mums do so much for us.

From changing our first nappy, to dropping us off at school, helping us vet our first apartment, or by simply calling to check in on you when you may need it the most, a mother's work is never done.

So, it's time to take care of the woman who never stops taking care of you. How?

Why not get your mum some second-to-none relaxation goodies this Mother's Day?

Literally, take her off her feet with a foot massager and then follow with some fluffy slippers so that she's walking on a cloud.

And then, with the ultimate comfortable robe to wrap her in an equally warm embrace to the ones you receive from her, power up an essential oil diffuser so that she can have her very own spa day from the comfort of her own home.

Any of these aforementioned tools for TLC are undoubtedly amongst the ultimate thank you gifts for the ultimate parent.

For the mum who just wants some quality time

As we begin to get older and seek out our independence, we may naturally find ourselves missing out on much-needed quality time with mum.

A gift that will not go unappreciated is not a physical thing at all, but rather, an experience.

For Mother's Day 2022, why not try taking you, or yourself and your siblings out with your mum for a day of celebrating her?

Begin with a big brekkie, or brunch if mum values her sleep, and then fill your day showing your appreciation for all that she has done for you.

Be it a fun-filled day of shopping and style, or perhaps a sweet excursion to a museum that's showcasing an exhibit that you know she would be interested in, a big day out with the people she loves most will be sure to put a smile on her face this coming Mother's Day.

For the mum who wants to capture every memory

With phones taking the place of the digital cameras that used to be permanently glued to our hands, physical images have been replaced by camera reels.

Whilst this makes it easier to get cute candids, those images may also easily get lost in a sea of selfies and happy snaps.

By gifting your mum a Polaroid or other physical film camera this Mother's Day, however, you may very well be able to snap family memories during all of life's greatest moments without having to worry about them being lost in a sea of other digital images.

A high-quality film camera can act both as a beautiful heirloom whilst also being a way to savour family memories in a way that'll be sure to stand the test of time.

Want to go above and beyond with this gift idea? Then why not buy mum a little photo album for all her Polaroids too!

Chances are she'll love collating and presenting all of your family memories just as much as she loved immortalising some of your family's milestone memories.

For the mum, who needs some time to herself

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your mother is in dire need of some me-time, or time spent just with herself after doing anything and everything for all the other people in her life, then chances are that your mum very much deserves to head off on a mini vacation or even a staycation!

You can organise a little respite from her day-to-day life by booking a hotel for the weekend so that the most important woman in your life can be preened, pampered and well-rested in 1500 thread count sheets.

A staycation at a highly reviewed hotel is undoubtedly one of the ultimate ways to say thanks for being a fantastic mum and an inspiring woman.


Our mothers take care of us for their entire lives and therefore it only makes sense that you take care of her in the same way.

Whether you're taking her out on a day she'll never forget, pampering her in a luxurious way, or catering to her interests and giving her gifts that she'll love, putting in the extra effort to show your mum that you love her and value your time with her is worth its weight in gold.

Regardless of how you do find yourself spending this holiday, so long as you take an effort to show mum you love her however suits you best, chances are that Mother's Day 2022 will no doubt be a day you all remember for years to come.