Forbes' most popular baby names

Forbes parents seemed to follow the popular trends when it came to naming their babies last year.

However, names were certainly varied with very few double-ups on the whole.

In 2014, there were 119 babies featured in the Forbes Advocate’s baby section every Saturday, with 59 girls and 60 boys appearing in our pages.

Neither the boys or girls had a stand-out most popular name.

The most popular boy’s names for local parents in 2014 were Mason, William and Jack with three babies named each of these. 

However, there was also one baby named Maison, which could be counted in the number of Masons making it 

a total of four and the most popular name.

When it came to the girls, there wasn’t a stand-out name with two babies each being called Isla, Airlie, Hallie, Layla and there was a Ruby and a Rubie.

The official annual list of baby names by the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages isn’t released until March this year, however Baby Center have released their list of top 50 names for 2014, which features a number of local baby names.

Baby Center’s list saw Oliver push William out of the top spot as the most popular boy’s name, while Ava nestled into first place for the girls.

Forbes had both an Oliver and Ava born last year.

Ava was a major mover and shaker last year, rising from 20th spot in 2012 to number two and last year took the top spot, knocking out Charlotte, which still remains popular in third position.

Forbes also had a baby with the second most popular girl’s name, Amelia, however surprisingly no Charlotte or Olivia, which placed third and fourth on the list, respectively.

The other Forbes girl names names that featured in the top 10 most popular names were Ella (sixth), Sophie (seventh) and Mia (eighth).

The second most popular boy’s name was Noah, with no babies named that in Forbes, while Jack came in at third place, which was one of the most popular names for local parents.

Other Forbes boy names that featured in the top 10 list were Jackson (fourth), William (fifth), Mason (seven) and Henry (nine).

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