Indoor bowls

Contributed by Barb Hoswell.

Last Wednesday, October 12, winners were Wilma Hepburn, Doreen Rogers, Liz England with two wins, one loss 36 points. 

Runners-up were Sandy Hepburn, Betty Rees, Vera McPetine Smith and Betty McGrath, two wins, one loss and 21 points. 

Encouragement award went to Denny Smith, Joan Littlejohn, Joyce McKenzie and Sam Gilmore. 

In house raffle went to Betty McGrath, Betty Rees and Vera McPetine. 

Well wishes go out to anyone who’s on the sick list.

Everyone is welcome to come and join us with a game of bowls next Wednesday at the Youth and Community Centre.

Names in by 1pm for 1.30pm start. Until next week, take care, stay safe and well.