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Break in the Heat: Barry Shine enjoying a round in cooler conditions. The weather forecast last weekend was bang on, resulting in very tough conditions for the golfers. But many took on the challenge and came out on top.
Break in the Heat: Barry Shine enjoying a round in cooler conditions. The weather forecast last weekend was bang on, resulting in very tough conditions for the golfers. But many took on the challenge and came out on top.

by Short Putt

On the weekend Daniel and Holly were blessed with their first child, a girl. No specific details yet, but Holly enjoyed her trip to Orange for the event, helped all the way by Daniel. Congratulations guys.

Saturday’s competition was originally a Stroke event, sponsored by Howe’s Electrical, but in view of the conditions this was changed to a Stableford event. A field of 26 players either got their game in very early, or challenged the weather on its own terms.

The A-Division winner was Max Haley, who is used to getting up early. He felt comfortable all day and returned with 40 points. Barry Parker used his customary walking style to maintain a position down the middle of the fairway, which unfortunately avoided the shade. He did score 38 points, with his only blemish being on the 15th.

The B-Division went to one of the last players on the course. Bruce Chandler felt like he was in front of his baker’s ovens, and calmly scored 36 points. Runner-up was Frank Donohoe who was an early starter and must have felt he would be an also ran. But his 35 points was amassed without much drama, except on the 17th.

The ball sweep went to 35 points on count back, including those above plus: 38 – R Nixon; 35 – P Dawson. There were no visitors. There is no ‘scatter-gun’ award this week, as there was no card with outstandingly wayward scores on it. Most players seemed to have more control on the back nine than they did on the front nine, which is at odds with the scoring traits each week. Maybe it was a mirage.

The NTP’s went to: Ninth D Culley, 18th J Haley. Neither got their two’s, but both appreciated the NTP, as their scores were not all that good. There were only two two’s, with both scored on the third, Paul Pymont in A-division and Mark Watts in B-division.

The last group to venture onto the course, teeing off after 12:30pm, did take carts. The players in each cart were coincidently matched to have the “Bernardi Boys” versus the “Others”, who we shall call Coles. At the end of the day the Coles went down, down, owing a Keno to the Boys. And thus Forbes joins the commercial advertising arena!

The conditions did not dispel good play. Not only did Max score well, but others played some inspiring golf. Phil Maher had a ‘tap in birdie’ on the 17th, a result of a tremendous drive followed by a controlled iron onto the green. That compensated for the many chips he had on the 14th, where the ball refused to stay on the green.

The Sunday Stableford Medley field was also affected by the weather. It was a very small field indeed, but who were astute enough to also use carts. The winner was Phil Duke, with 36 points. There was no balls weep. The NTP’s went to: Ninth S Kirkman; 18th L O’Connor. Not a skerrick of a ‘two’ in sight.

Here is the news: The Par-3 Championships, played over 18 holes, will be held this Saturday, with Ladies and Men competing. There will be a bit of walking between the tees, but the number of shots overall should be very much less than a normal comp round.

The second week of the Pennants 2017 season was played at Bathurst last weekend. The Division 1 team had a bye, while the Division 2 team played Parkes, and the Division 3 and Division 4 teams played Duntryleague teams.

The Division 2 team had a difficult day, losing 4/1 in what was thought to be an uncharacteristic stumble. Andrew Dukes was always in control, winning 5/4, but that was the only success. Mark Collits went down fighting, losing 3/2, while Todd Callaghan’s match was tight but eventully a loss 3/1. Dave Mylecharane also had a tough match, but lost 2/1, while Tim West struck trouble all day and succumbed to the conditions, losing 5/4.

The Division 3 team had a good win. John Zannes was promoted to number one and once again provide a win, this time two up. Peter Cowhan regained form to win comfortably 3/2. Ian Bown left his run to the end but won one up. Peter Barnes had a tough nut to crack. He clawed back to square the match on the 18th, but then lost on the first extra hole. Fred Collie relished his call-up, but found the going tough. Being six down at one stage he won five holes in a row but lost one down on the last to a very good approach shot by his opponent.

The Division 4 team also recorded a win, this time 3/2. Geoff Betland worked hard all day but his touch was slightly off, succumbing 4/3. The ‘new chum’ Gus Coles did exceedingly well to record a 3/1 win. Garry Pymont showed he relished this play and never gave up, winning one up. Frank Hanns was in tough battle, and lost 5/3. Steve Grallelis once again led off the team in good form. In his match there was never any more than one hole in it, but he fired in the last few holes to win 3/1.

This week the teams travel to Cowra. John Betland is once again playing Pennants for Moore Park in Sydney. They had their first round last weekend. John’s team won, with John himself enjoying a good win. Lee Grierson is also playing in Sydney, for Northbridge I think. We wish them both well.

March 12 the Rugby league Club will be holding a Charity Golf Day. Money raised will go to Can-Assist and to aid one of their players recently seriously injured. It will be a four person Ambrose event. Catering and drinks will be on hand. More details to follow. Working Bee will be held on February 26. The object is to get the course looking ship-shape for the Pennants.

It is crystal ball time: February 18 is the inaugural 18 Hole Par-3 Championship. February 19 is a Stableford Medley, and Round 3 of the Pennants at Cowra. February 25 is a 4BBB Mens Par and a Qualifier for the GolfNSW Mens GPS Fourball Par Event.

Sixes Golfers Continue Good Scoring

by Smooth Swinger

The ASI Capital sponsored Forbes Golf Club Summer Sixers competition 15th round showed that the Forbes golfers can play consistently good golf. Obviously many teams are putting in a surge to ensure a spot in the finals. The best Members nett scores were scored by Sue Shine (Gunns Menswear)  and Murray Field (Hit n Miss) with 32, and Ian Bown (Hit n Miss) with 33.

The Non-member better players were: Justin Roylance (Roylance’s A1) 28.5, Rachel Lawler (Kool Kats) 30.5, and Steve Lewis (Forbes Toyota), on 31.5. Having a score below Par is now common place, such is the depth of talent on display, and is quite invigorating to be ‘under par’. The Scratch scores went to Men: Peter Dawson, once again, and Ladies: Kerry Stirling and Jenny Fletcher. The best Team score of the week went to Roylance’s A1 with a humungous 94.5 total, which I think is the lowest of this competition. Almost close behind was Daniel’s Team with 99.5.

Pool 1 results saw B&C Auto, Boys & Girls, Carlton Dry Boys and Storage Solutions win. The best player in the pool was Laurie O’Connor (Carlton Dry Boys) with 33.5, ahead of Phil Maher (Cobblers Crew) and Dave Mylecharane (Carlton Dry Boys) both with 34.5.

Pool 2 winners were Kool Kats, Bush Diva’s, Hit n Miss and Gunns Menswear. The best score of 100 by Hit n Miss. The best players were Rachel Lawler, Sue Shine, and Murray Field.

Pool 3 winners were Grant Howell AE, Hook Drive & Sink It, Roylance’s A1 and Walkers Straight Arrows. The better team was Roylance’s A1 who scored 94.5. The best players were Justin Roylance, Pat O’Connell (Grant Howell AE – 31.5), and Mitch Roylance (Roylance’s A1 – 32.5).

Pool 4 winners were South Leaders, Forbes Toyota, Daniels Team and Bush Rangers. Daniels Team had the best score, with 99.5. The best players were Steve Lewis, Rosie Johnson (Daniels Team – 32), and Lindsay Masters (Daniels Team – 33).

Other ball winners were: Pool 1 – Ethyl Coombs, Terry Sharpe, Doug Churchill, Shane Sallaway. Pool 2 – Ian Bown, Geoff Betland, Libby Godden, Alison Kingston. Pool 3 – Chris Roylance, Wayne O’Niell, Ben Leonard, Brett Slack-Smith. Pool 4 – Di Masters, John Whatmore, Brodie Hodges, Shirley Redfern. Three of the four Pools, have the top two placings separated by two points or less. In Pool 4 Forbes Toyota have a ‘mini-break’ of 3.5 points over Platypi Player. Things are beginning to tighten up now, with only three rounds to be played. In these final rounds the handicaps will be locked. Remember to maximise your enjoyment as you tread the emerald fairways.